My dream dressing table!


Over the years I’ve had so many different dressing tables it’s actually a bit ridic. Somehow I’ve never actually achieved the perfect dressing table though…until now!

I’ve always dreamt of having one of those stunning dressing tables that you see in the interior design magazines. A beautiful place I can just sit (free time permitting) and dream about lovely things…


For a while now I’ve been collecting little knick knacks for my dream space. Pictures of my family, pretty flowers, jam jars, vintage pots, pearls, even dried roses. Most things  were either gifts I’ve received or cost very little. Some were even as cheap as 25p! The key is to be patient and keep your eyes open for bargains.

#DT 061Now this may sound crazy but I don’t actually do my makeup at the dressing table. I actually store my collection downstairs as you can see here. My dressing table is really for all my extra special bits that my loved ones have given me. Like the beautiful Dior compact (below) my Mum gifted me for looking after her when she was ill. I found a beautiful little cabinet to put it in along with some little miniature perfume bottles and candles I was gifted.


#DT 063023#DT 142

I absolutely love little jars for storage. They can be dressed up so beautifully with things you find lying around the house, fairy lights, artificial flowers, even rose tea can look stunning in a vintage jar!

#DT 139009008


028A lot of you that follow my facebook, twitter or insta will know I love to take lots of pictures. I love having pics of my loved ones around me. Unfortunately nice frames can cost a small fortune so I tend to keep my eyes peeled when in TK Max as they have lovely ones at very low prices.

#DT 143#DT 140

My actual dressing table is just a modern dark wood effort with a glass top. I got a beautiful cashmere throw in Thailand and have put it under the glass top to add a little colour and make it a little more individual.


Now what dressing table would be complete without an amazing candle, and they don’t come anymore amazing than Diptyque. I have my Tubereuse candle proudly on display and it gives off an amazing smell. I’ll be writing a full review on it in the next week :O)


So with my lovely dressing table looking so beautiful I decided I needed to spruce up my bedside cabinet. I have put the apothecary jars my brother bought me to use and am storing all those sample sachets I have seemed to amass. Now they’re on hand I actually seem to be using them! I also found a lovely vintage little glass tray for £1, it’s perfect for my facial oil and Eve Lom cuticle cream.

052044046So now I have my dream dressing table I just need a nice stool/chair to go with it. The perfect one is not yet to be found so I guess I’ll have to patient! If you have any ideas send them my way please :O)

Sonya D x


15 thoughts on “My dream dressing table!

  1. Sonya – I am literally in awe. You have DEFINITELY created a perfect dressing table. I am so jealous it’s untrue!
    So many perfect little trinkets. You’ve also given me the idea to use all the jam jars we saved for our candle holders at the wedding ❤️
    Rebecca @

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