The worlds most beautiful bronzer…

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My all time makeup hero is the late Kevyn Aucoin. He was an absolute maestro in the makeup industry which he turned on its head in the 80’s. He was the king of Vogue covers and I can’t imagine there was a supermodel in the 90’s that didn’t have the good fortune to be on the end of one of his magical makeup brushes. Kevyn’s ethos was that every woman possesses an inner beauty and he considered it his job to help them realise that through makeup. In my opinion the Kevyn Aucoin line is the most beautiful in existence, the fact that it was founded by such a talented and beautiful soul makes it all the more special for me. Before Kevyn’s stint at Ultima II we didn’t have the variation of cosmetic colours we have today. Kevyn was the first artist to present a complete range of shades for every skin tone.

Kevyn’s line is perhaps best known for the amazing Celestial Powder which is unfortunately out of stock nationwide. What is in stock however is the Celestial Bronzing Veil in either Tropical Days or Tropical Nights. Now that name may sound a bit strange but somehow it really is very apt for this product. I personally love the Tropical Nights version. It’s a cool bronze with beautiful understated shimmer, here’s what they say:

A unique bronzer with crystal pigments that gives your skin a natural glow.

You don’t have to spend hours in the sun to look like you did. Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Bronzing Veil uses crystal pigments in bronze, gold and silver to give you a natural looking glow. Ideal for adding colour or highlights to your face. Perfect for every skin tone.

I don’t know that I could describe it any better myself. This product is just so stunning. From its beautiful deep mahogany and gold case, to its finely milled texture, it is absolutely perfect. Both the Day and Night versions have an ombré effect that lets you adapt the colour to suit your needs. It blends into you skin beautifully and leave a gorgeous luminous sheen anywhere it’s applied. I have fallen in love with this bronzer and can honestly say that the only thing that may possibly top it is the Tropical Days version…Ché if you’re reading this I’m hinting ;O) Anyhow a review wouldn’t be complete without a swatch so have a little look…

097Guys seriously, if you haven’t checked out Kevyn’s line yet I implore you to pop into your nearest Space.NK and have a nosey. You will immediately fall in love and then most probably end up eating beans on toast for the rest of the month because you spent all your money…you have been warned!

If any of you have tried Kevyn’s products or want to, please leave me comment and let me know what’s taking your fancy.

Sonya D x


12 thoughts on “The worlds most beautiful bronzer…

  1. This bronzer looks so gorgeous!! Not sure where Id go to get one of these babies in Ireland!
    I’m a new Irish blogger and I have been enjoying the content of your blog, maybe we can follow each other? It would mean a lot to me 🙂

    Cecilia x

  2. I have The Celestial Powder and The Sculpting Powder from Kevyn Aucoin and they are absolutely the best for highlight and contour! This is the first time I’m reading about their bronzer and although I don’t wear bronzer that often, I’m totally in love with this.

  3. Gorgeous product!
    I would love to try the highlighter by Kevyn Aucoin. I have heard so many great things about that product!


    • Hey Avanti I have the creamy version of the highlighter and it’s beyond beautiful. I do prefer the powder version but it’s sold out. It’s coming back next month after re-formulation apparently. Also there’s a lovely liquid version. If you’re going to treat yourself to one thing go for that, it’s the best there is! X

  4. “The Worlds Most Beautiful Bronzer” You had me right there. I’m always on a bronzer lookout. The swatch on your arm looks like the loveliest tanned shimmery bit of goodness. I love “Kevyn’s ethos was that every woman possesses an inner beauty and he considered it his job to help them realise that through makeup.” That is such a pretty way to think about people and in fact, it might be the next quote going up on my wall. How lovely. Rosemary x

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