Airport Shopping







Hey guys just a little post from sunny Abu Dhabi :0)

Most of my fellow beauty addicts will know the sheer thrill of airport bargains. Yesterday I had to seriously restrain myself from spending every penny Ché had.

There was bargains galore from most of the main makeup counters. Pandora was 20% cheaper than normal so I got my Mum’s 50th bracelet. There was even two bottles of champers for £50…must…resist!!

In the end I was very good and just got my Mum’s bracelet and CHANEL inimitable and saved £20!

Guys if you’re planning on going away and want new accessories, makeup or even suntan lotion, save it for the airport.

Sonya D x

7 thoughts on “Airport Shopping

  1. Ahhh this makes me so excited for my holiday dates. I have been saving the pennies so I will splurge! So excited for all the cosmetics, I’m hoping it’s a big Duty Free. Gahhh what could be more fun than going to see all my friends? A great bloody airport bargain! Rosemary x

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