LUSH Wiccy Magic Muscles

…what a name!! Yesterday my lovely Ché managed to finish the Liverpool marathon in 3hours 50mins!! I’m soooo proud of him!

So whilst he was running said marathon I of course had to have a little nose around Liverpool One. I had a little wander into LUSH to get some Angels on bare skin. As LUSH is the most versatile shop ever I thought I’d see if there was anything for Ché’s aching muscles after the race. I came across this little Wiccy Magic Massage Bar…haaaaa seriously is that not the funniest name ever? I was taken by how delicious it looks, like some lovely little cake or something. I wouldn’t recommend giving it a little nibble though, when you get up close to it, it smells just like Tiger Balm.

Well poor Ché finished his race and was an absolute ‘hot mess’. He was in agony with terrible cramp, god love him. I am in complete awe of how he managed to finish a marathon with such terrible pain! I honestly didn’t realise how torturous marathons can be, even some of the athletes looked completely pushed to their limit. I take my hat of to them and their discipline and determination…amazing!! Anyhow, when he got back he ran a hot bath and set to work with the massage soap. He tells me that it immediately feels really warm but then cools off, kind of like Tiger Balm. Here’s what they say.

Wiccy Magic Muscles contains a warming blend of cinnamon and peppermint essential oils that are said to stimulate the circulation to warm and loosen up stiff, achy muscles. These essential oils are blended with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter as well as organic jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil to sink into the skin. Use the smooth side all over the body, then turn it over and use the knobbly aduki beans on any particularly stubborn knots.

Ché definitely went to town with it. I could literally smell it from downstairs and he reeked of it for the rest of the day. When I inspected the bath there were loads of the aduki beans in the bottom and hardly any soap left at all! Now I’m sure in normal circumstances that you wouldn’t and probably shouldn’t use nearly the whole bar. I think because Ché was in agony all over that he just went to town with it. Either way it seems to have helped him. He reports it’s no miracle worker but the cooling effect lasts quite a while and does help to sooth aching muscles.

Personally I think this is a great boyfriend gift for those guys that love to exercise. I mean lets be honest a lot of boys love a little pamper session nearly as much the girls. If you get them one of these they can take it with them to the gym or football and enjoy the benefits of a luxury product all in the name of their exercise regime!

Sonya D x

5 thoughts on “LUSH Wiccy Magic Muscles

  1. Oh well done to your guy! Boys absolutely love a pampering and anyone that says they don’t is a liar! I think we could compete in the getting-ready-to-go-out races these days. Sounds like you found a good ‘un for post-marathon. It looks delish – I first thought it was something that you had baked. x

  2. I love their massage bars! It’s amazing how it turns to massage oil just rubbing it between your fingers. They last ages! Though I haven’t tried this one xx

  3. Oh my gosh I love this product! I bought it as a treat to myself and I agree with your boyfriend.. It goes on warm and turns to a massage oil consistency when you rub it in but then feels cool on the skin. A great product to try if anyone is having a home spa evening! Lush have some great bits xx

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