The Holiday Edit: Makeup

OK so we’re down to 4 days and counting before I go away. I am literally scrambling to get all my last-minute jobs done. Any of my makeup addict friends will know that one major job is the makeup clean-up…holy crap it’s a chore and a half.

I tried to narrow down what I thought I might take with me so I could scrub it all clean. Now try as I might I still had a ridiculous amount of makeup to get cleaning…


I wont bore you with my clean-up regime, if you want the details of what products I use to clean my brushes and palettes leave me a comment and I’ll put a post together when I get back.

So back to my makeup edit. I am seriously struggling to narrow down what I might need. I want to try to keep it to a minimum as it’ll be so hot and probably just slide right of my face anyway!

I’m thinking of; a small set of brushes, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blusher, bronzer, highlighter, 2 eye palettes, eyeliner, eyebrow powder, a few lip glosses and lipsticks and finally a good setting spray…phew! I’m going to attempt to keep it to just a few products…a massive undertaking for me! I even have a new makeup bag that is on the smaller side so will hopefully keep me focussed.

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I’m in love with this little Kenneth Cole makeup bag. It has three compact compartments that fasten together snuggly. I’m hoping that not only will it make me pack light but also it’ll stop my makeup banging about on the plane and smashing. If you’re looking for a new makeup bag then I recommend getting to TK Maxx ASAP, they have loads at the minute that are absolute bargains.

So guys if you have any tips on how I narrow down my makeup please send em over…I really need all the help I can get! I’ll be posting in a few days to show you what I went for, and also what’s going in the case and what’s going in my flight bag.

Sonya D x

9 thoughts on “The Holiday Edit: Makeup

  1. Bloody hell Sonya, I’m not at all surprised you are scrambling about with your last minute jobs! You have so much make up, how on earth do you decide what to pack? But your ‘small’ Kenneth Cole make up bag is pretty huge haha – I use a big men’s wash bag which I quite like to travel about with. Rosemary x

    • Rosemary this isn’t even half of it. Seriously I have a problem here!! Need to start narrowing it down. So far I’ve just stood and looked at it lol. I’m going to try and not get anymore on holiday. Hmmmm if only there was a Pinocchio emoji to insert here ;0) xx

  2. Every bbloggers fantasy–I love looking at others’ makeup collections! Looks like you have some decisions to do–I’m a lippie girl. A lipstick can completely change the look of an outfit, and you can carry it with you during the day for easy touch-ups!

    • Couldn’t agree more on the lipstick tip. This is just part of my makeup collection. I haven’t even got round to the lipstick yet, crap better get to
      Work ;0) x

  3. i took way too much makeup on holiday with me, and now i realised i need to just take my everyday normal ‘face’ then take a palette that can do day and night, liquid eyeliner and limit myself to 3 lipsticks… plus, better excuse to get something new in duty free! xo

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