Pravera Haul…


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Ingrid at Pravera. If you’ve never come across Pravera let me fill you in.

They are an online company that supply only organic and natural beauty products. Now if any of you have read any of my skin or hair care posts you will know that I love natural products. Not only are they kinder to your skin, but the ingredients are so much easier to decipher, making it easier for us to understand what we are using! Here’s what Pravera say…

Pravera direct is an online natural and organic beauty shop offering a huge selection of natural and organic skincare, cosmetics, perfume and soaps to pamper and care for you and your family’s skin from top to toe.

When you shop with Pravera direct you know that you will be getting truly natural and organic products as we have scrutinized the ingredients, tried and tested each product.

When Ingrid contacted me asking if I would like to review some of their products I was really excited. Obviously I needed to scrutinise the company and their products (as I do with every offer from companies) before giving my yes. After spending ages going through Pravera’s repertoire of natural and organic products I was literally chomping at the bit to try them out.

As I said earlier I love natural products and if they are also organic…even better! That I can go through every product on Pravera’s site and confidently chose what I like knowing it’s all natural is something I love. I absolutely hate standing reading every label on my products and trying to figure out what the ingredients are and if they’re 100% natural.

I compiled a list of products I thought would be a good fit for my skin type and sent it on to Ingrid. The thing is there was so much that catered to extremely sensitive and irritated skin I was spoilt for choice. Not only do they have skin care, but also hair care, dental care, makeup, perfume, hair brushes, makeup brushes, the list goes on…

Ingrid very kindly put a box of lovely products together and sent them out to me to try.

  1. *Face Oil Capsules – Intensive Seed Oil Capsules 7 Day Radiance Treatment 

  2. *Lavera Neutral : Natural Moisturiser Facial Fluid 30ml – For very sensitive and easily irritated skin

  3. *Lavera Basis Sensitive : Organic All Round Moisturising Cream

  4. *Organii : Organic Shea Butter Shower Gel 300ml

  5. *Organyc Wet Wipes

I’ll be trying my products out and posting reviews for you guys soon so watch this space. In the mean time keep an eye out for my upcoming packing tips. I mean we all know how difficult it is for us fashion and beauty addicts to keep pack light so I’ll be attempting to do it over the next few days, haaaaa should be a laugh if nothing else ;O)

Sonya D x

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