A perfect summer jacket for £15!



Every fashion mag worth their salt is telling us that silk bomber jackets are this seasons must have fashion staple. Personally every option I have seen has been ridiculously priced. Living in the UK, especially the rainy North-West there’s no way I’d consider forking out an obscene amount of money for something that I’d hardly be able to wear.

I was super excited then when passing by Primark I saw this gorgeous light version for £15…bargain! I need something lightweight and colourful for on holiday and this is definitely perfect. It may not be silk but for £15 who cares? I saw about 4 different prints and they seemed to be flying off the shelves rapidly. If you fancy one you better hot foot it down to your nearest Primani quickly.

Sonya D x

2 thoughts on “A perfect summer jacket for £15!

  1. I’m not sure about this trend at all! You should do an ootd to show us styling options. I always get so excited when the North West is mentioned – there aren’t many of us around. Where are you holidaying? Rosemary x


  2. Hey hun you can definitely expect a lot of OOTD posts when I’m away. I love this jacket with a LBD or playsuit or just a simple jeans and plain tshirt. I’m off to Abu Dhabi and Thailand xx

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