Blog Sale – shoes…shoes…shoes…

Hey lovelies you may have seen last week that I am hosting a blog sale. Unfortunately a friend of mine can no longer wear her heels so they are going up for sale. Now if you’re a size 7-8, Euro 41 then you’re in for a treat. She has the most incredible shoe collection which includes, Manolos, Louboutins, Carvela’s, Miss KG’s…


So let’s get into it shall we…? I’ll list each pair individually with the price paid, amount of times worn and condition. If you are interested in any of the shoes please contact me and I’ll forward Sarah’s details so you can discuss a price and postage with her.

1. Christian Louboutin – Jourdan Rose Pale – Size 41/UK 8


Cost – £775  New
Includes box and dust ruffle. Originally bought off ebay from a girl who had used them in a fashion show. Since Sarah received them she has literally just walked around the bedroom in them on soft carpet. Unfortunately they are a little small for Sarah as her toes are rather long and were over the edge. These shoes are best suited for a small 8, 7.5 or 7. These shoes are like new!

 See link below from net-a-porter showing a pair in gold. – This item has sold out and is not expected to become available again

Bought for £440.00 – Happy for people to contact with offers

2. Christian Louboutin – Black Sequin Court Size 41/UK 8


COST – £375 New
Beautiful shoes in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures. Unfortunately the box and dust ruffle are not available with these gorgeous shoes. It is also worth noting that these shoes are a very slim fit and although a UK 8, they are better suited for 7.5 or 7!

Bought for £210.00 – Happy for people to contact with offers.

3. Carvela – Brown Ankle Boots Size 41/UK8


Cost  – £150.00 New
Worn 4 times max, walking from a car to a pub. Have never walked far in them, the heel is high but they are comfy and make your legs look amazing. One of this seasons key trends is the fringe/ Coachella look. This is the perfect way to dress the trend up with jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts, or even romper suits!

Bought for £120.00 – Happy for people to contact with offers.

4. French Connection – The Perfect Nude Shoe Size 41/UK 8


COST – £100.00 New
These shoes were worn once by Sarah to walk 25 metres from a car to a carpeted restaurant and then back to the car. They have lived in the box ever since.  These shoes have a large heel and small platform, they do make you lean forward a bit and are better suited for an expert high heel wearer! They will be worth the effort though ladies because they make your legs look fabulous and long!!

Bought for £100.00 – Happy for people to contact with offers.

5. Miss KG  – Orange Bow Shoes Size 42/UK 8

#blogsale2 034 #blogsale2 037 #blogsale2 039

COST – £80 New
These shoes have been once at Aintree Races. Sarah walked from the mini bus for 10 mins, then immediately put her flats on, loooool! Never been worn since and went straight back into box. We all know that Orange is the colour of the season ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect accessory to colour block that Orange lipstick with you got it right here! Orange shoes will be everywhere this summer but as these are circa 2012 the likelihood of bumping into someone wearing these is slim to none! In fact I want them myself…must resist!

Bought for £80.00 – Happy for people to contact with offers.

So that’s it’s for now lovelies. Like I said if you are interested in any of the shoes please drop me a line and I’ll forward on Sarah’s contact details. It’s also worth noting that Sarah has toes that go straight across therefore making her a large 8. If your toes go down in size or you are a 7 or 7.5 these should fit you nicely :O)

Sonya D x

7 thoughts on “Blog Sale – shoes…shoes…shoes…

  1. These shoes are all so gorgeous! They wouldn’t fit me and I only like little heels because I’m tall, otherwise I’d buy them all! Just a pleasure to look at them really! xx

  2. Oh my god. I want them all. Unfortunately there a tad too big and my bad feet makes it very difficult for me to wear heels. This must be difficult for her to do. I don’t think I could part with them! Xx

  3. This sounds great – they’ve all practically never been worn! It must be killing your friend to lose her best friends. Unfortunately I am nowhere near a size 8 so none for me, but that’s probably for the better. When I saw the first post for your blog sale a few days back, I thought you were selling off all your shoes and thought ‘Sonya? No way.’ so this makes a whole lot more sense.

    And thinspiration? Sonya, you got me. I was cackling like a madwoman. Rosemary x

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