The Perfect Ponytail…

2014-04-24 (2)

20140506-090759…is something that evades us all, no? I mean my hair is mega long but not so thick. When I wear my hair down and style it I have a good amount, when I put it up in a ponytail however I feel like there isn’t much there. If I’m totally honest I just want long glorious hair that is thick, silky and behaves itself, a girl can dream…

Personally I’ve always opted to put in clip-in extensions. People laugh because my hair is so long, but as I say it’s not about the length for me but the thickness, I’m sure my fellow extension girls understand?! I’ve always, always gone for 100% human remy hair in the past. I will admit that I am was a total extension snob!

When Xtras contacted me to see if I would like to review one of their clip in ponytails I jumped at the chance. As some of you know I’m going to Thailand and Abu Dhabi at the end of the month. Now in my imagination when I’m on holiday I look like a bond girl walking out of the sea but in reality I look like Monica in the Friends episode where they went to Barbados!  HaHa I’m sure we’ve all been there…?

Xtras sent me their KoKo *22″ Straight Clip-In Ponytail in Chestnut. OK so I am a total sucker for anything hair extension related, I literally nearly burst with excitement when a new set arrives. When I opened my Xtras package and saw the gorgeous KoKo packaging I nearly did a little dance. OK, OK I totally did a little dance, haha but honestly I was so excited for this ponytail. I have to be totally honest here, I quite sceptical about synthetic hair and did not think for one second that I would be a fan. I have always thought synthetic hair looks over shiny and horrendously fake. I was totally wrong!

This KoKo extension is as soft and realistic looking as any of my remy extensions. The only difference is you can’t style it as it’s not heat resistant, but it’s a ponytail, it doesn’t need any styling. You literally put your hair into a bun, clip the ponytail over the bun using the two grips and pop-clips, pull your tightening string, hide the tightening string and you’re good to go. I found this great tutorial from the lovely Hollie Wakeham who has the Beauty Works version.

This is going to be a life saver on holiday. I can literally just pull my unruly hair into a bun and clip this over and I’m good to go! The only concern I had was getting it wet but I wore this on the charity walk I did a few weeks ago and it was pouring it down all night. I literally brushed it through with my tangle teezer when I got home and it was perfect again, have a look…


I would 100% advise brushing any extensions with a tangle teezer. This one will moult  when you brush it, as is the case with any extensions. Be gentle,  take care of it, and keep your box and hair net  to store it in if you want to keep it looking beaut!

Sonya D x


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