Blog Hop – Get your healthy on…


When the lovely Georgie of Beans Beauty Blog invited me to take part in a little blog hop I jumped at the chance. We went round the houses trying to think up a subject…decisions, decisions! We finally decided on something a little different, a healthy but yummy meal. I think all of us are probably trying to look our best with summer fast approaching, right?!

If you saw Georgie’s post on my blog yesterday you will know she provided us a yummy and very healthy recipe for a main course. It was my job to sort out a low-calorie, delicious dessert. I thought I would post the recipe today incase any of you missed it on Georgie’s blog yesterday, so here goes…


  • 1 x Punnet of Strawberries
  • 2 x Teaspoons of Choc Shot


  • Wash your strawberries
  • Take a small bowel/container and squirt in x3 teaspoons of Choc Shot
  • Dip your Strawberries into the Choc and either eat immediately or pop in the fridge to cool

This dessert is seriously yummy and so low-calorie it’s ridiculous. Each level teaspoon of Choc Shot is only 14 calories or if you’re doing Slimming World like me just 1 syn per teaspoon! That’s incredible, I mean this stuff is so rich it really hits those chocolate cravings exactly where it hurts. Traditionally it’s a liquid hot chocolate, but you can drizzle it on fruit, toast, porridge, ice cream or even make milkshakes out of it. My other half puts it in his usually bland protein shakes and he loves it!

What about you guys have tried Choc Shot or any other great low-calorie/syn treats? I’d also love to hear your suggestions if you can think of any other great ways to put Choc shot to use :O)

Sonya D x

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