This summer’s beauty must-haves…

As summer is fast approaching it’s time for us switch up our beauty regimes and get ready for that sunshine…well a girl can dream! We can’t leave anything to chance, imagine being caught short with oily skin or frazzled hair, the absolute shame! In preparation I thought I’d post a list of my beauty must-haves…


OK, OK just because we have the sun shining down and want to feel fresh as a daisy it doesn’t mean that we suddenly have perfect skin, we still need some coverage, right?! I literally am fiending for the Eve Lom tinted moisturiser. Not only does it have the most beautiful packaging and gorgeous shades, but it also has an SPF 15 which is beauty rule no.1 in the summer months.

UK200011971_EVE_LOMThis year the blusher spotlight is most definitely fixed on Giorgio Armani’s Maestro Fusion Blush. If like me your obsessed with that perfect dewy finish then this is your new best friend. Highly pigmented, easily blended and layered it really is the ‘it’ product of the season. Oh and did I mention that due to it’s oily base it’s pretty much waterproof!!

Armani-Mediterranea-Makeup-Collection-for-Summer-2014-liquid-blush-and-bronzerNext on my list is Dior’s Glow Maximizer, so far this is one of my products of the year. If you missed it then you can catch my review here. In short this product is incredible as a primer, highlighter or mixed with your foundation/CC cream to give it an added luminosity.

Untitled pictureI have been totally loving the EOS lip spheres this year. If you saw my post then you’ll know how incredibly moisturising and yummy tasting they are. I originally got mine from Amazon and had my parents bring me some over from the States. I have spied them in Selfridge’s though so it should be much easier to get hold of one now.


Now I’m sure there aren’t many of us ladies that get away with absolutely no cellulite.  I myself have been quite lucky in the dimpled ass department. Hey God gave me a permanent belly bloat and eye bags, I had to get some luck! Anyhow I didn’t get away scot-free I have a few stubborn patches of dimpled skin, I used to use the Bliss Seaweed bar which was amazing, unfortunately it seems too have been discontinued in favour of the fatgirlslim ‘thigh-namic’ duo. It’s made up of the fatgirlslimulator a rubber cellulite-scrubber and fatgirlslim cellulite cream. If their predecessor is anything to go by then these products will give results and quickly!

BLISS-SET101Fake Bake 60 minute tan is my all time favourite self tanning product. It’s no secret I hate spray tans, they always leave me orange looking…so not a good look. As sunbeds are definitely not an option…can you say skin cancer and wrinkles?…faking that golden look is the only way forward. I’m so happy then that I tried  Fake Bake’s 60 minute option. It literally does everything I could possibly want. It has a guide colour for easy application, develops in 1-3 hours (depending on how dark you want your tan) and leaves me with a lovely golden tan that lasts around 5-7 days.




I’m sure you guys have guessed what my No.1 hair product is…Moroccanoil of course! Again I have already reviewed this product so you can catch up here. For now though, take it from me it really is the most amazing hair product I have ever used. It will leave your hair smooth and silky immediately after your first application, definitely a must have for those summer frazzled tresses.

us.can_motreatment_320x304_2.14_2If however you prefer the old-beach wave look then you’re going to want a texture/salt spray. The most raved about and best all-rounder is Bumble & Bumble’s offering. Surf Spray is suitable for any hair texture, colour or length, yep this will even work for those of you with pixie cuts. Simply spray into damp hair and either allow to dry naturally or blow-dry and then enjoy your beach bond girl moment!


Some of you may know that as I’m a nurse one of the banes of my life is my scaly/dry hands. All the soaps I use at work literally destroy any hope of super soft hands. That was until my Mum came to the rescue with some Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy and Recovery Scrub. This stuff is magic in a jar, you massage your hands with the scrub, wash away, dry, apply the hand therapy and voila…super soft hands. When it comes to summer we want every part of us to be super soft and supple. Just because the cold weather has hopefully passed, and with it our chapped skin it doesn’t mean we can forget our exfoliation and moisturising routines, especially on our hands.

#blog2 (2)


Last but not least we must not forget to pay attention to our feet, I mean it’s one thing hiding your chipped pedicure and dry heels in your wellies but this wont fly in your gladiators! My first product is LUSH’s Foot scrub. From what I hear this stuff works wonders on dry flaky feet. You simply break a piece off, take it into the shower with you and massage into your feet. You should then be left with smooth, fresh smelling feet.


Once you’ve finished with your foot scrub don’t forget to slather some delish cream on your hooves too. This gorgeously cooling lotion is perfect for those hot and humid nights. Lush claim that  just a couple of applications of their Foot Lotion will transform your dry and cracked feet.

Fair-Trade-Foot-Lotion-732x1024If you’ve tried any the products I’ve listed please let me know how you got on with them. Also if you have any amazing products you think I missed out, again let me know.

Sonya D x


3 thoughts on “This summer’s beauty must-haves…

  1. The Fair Trade Lotion looks yummy! Have you tried J.R. Watkins’ lemon creme products? They smell to die for and the hand cream is amazeballs.

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