NYX HD Studio Grinding Powder


I can honestly say that NYX are smashing it when it comes to finishing powders. My absolute fave is their HD Studio Finish Photogenic (SFP) Powder. However coming in a close second is their HD Studio Grinding Powder. Now this one is a little pricier (£21.50) than the Studio Finish Powder but it does a different job in my book.

Firstly it’s a beautiful finely-milled mineral powder that is compacted under a kind of metal grinder. I love that you just twist the grinder and it releases a fresh (hygienic) dose of powder. It absolutely camouflages pores and deflects light as they claim. I find it works best when I’m looking for a warm/glowy finish. Unlike the Studio Finish Powder I think this can definitely be worn on it’s own, especially when you have a tan.

I do love this product and have been using it regularly for over a year and I still have loads left, so it’s definitely worth the pennies! I was worried when I first purchased it because I thought it might just be a gimmick. It really isn’t though and it’s not just a great concept but also a fab powder that will last you a long time. There are 6 shades to chose from so hopefully you can find your perfect match!

Sonya D X

2 thoughts on “NYX HD Studio Grinding Powder

  1. Ooh I like the sound of this. You are just loving NYX lately. Is there a store you can access them from the UK? Or is everything online now and I’m struggling to keep up with the trend? haha hope you’re doing well. Rosemary x

    • Hey hun, no stores that I know of. I get mine online from NYX UK. I’ve been obsessed with them for over a year now. Pretty much everything I’ve bought I’ve loved. You should give them a try xx

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