I heart Yankee Candle…


As you can see I’m beyond obsessed with Yankee Candle. I have them everywhere in my house and car. Lucky for me I never have to buy any Yankee Candle products because I get well stocked up on Birthday and Christmas’. I have been lucky enough to be gifted Yankee Candle products for every special occasion I’ve celebrated over the last 5 years. My Mum was the first person to get me some a few years back, she got me the oil/tart burners and matching little votive jars and I have been hooked ever since.

I love everything they make, the tarts, votive jars, reed diffusers, car air freshners, Christmas decorations…I even have a yummy cupcake lip balm and hand sanitiser. Their range is so expansive, there’s something for every taste and every budget. I literally wont have any other candle…except for Diptype, but at £40 a pop they’re not exactly affordable!

The only thing that used to annoy me about Yankee Candle was the jars would get a black scum around the top, no matter how many times I cleaned them. For my last birthday I was very kindly gifted a large tray and shade as well as a lovely fluffy towels candle. Now I always thought these were just decorative accessories but I was wrong. The shade in particular stops that black scum from forming and keeps the jar crystal clean!

Anyhow, I thought it was about time that I posted about these amazing products because I can’t get enough of them. Have you guys tried them? If so what’s your favourite fragrance? Mines got to be either; Fluffy Towels, Clean Cotton, Black Cherry, Midnight Jasmine or Coconut and Beach Flower.

Sonya D x

10 thoughts on “I heart Yankee Candle…

  1. Wow, you love you some yankee candle! But you put them around your house so well. Every piece looks unique and pretty. There’s something about your blog that keeps making me come back. I think it might be your writing style, you are just so fun and easy to read. I love your posts! You are always very regular as well and I can’t believe how many bits you manage to get up with your job alongside. But this doesn’t seem to impact on your social or family life either! You must have found the perfect balance. Just fan-girling on you. Rosemary x


  2. Aw thanks Rosemary, I fan-girl on you too, lol. I love reading your blog, you’re now in my fave blogs file! Your writing has me laughing and that’s what I always try to do :O) As for daily posting I love it. I’m forever taking pics of things and have always done that, so I just sit for a day and write most of my blogs and then save them to post on certain days. I think it’s a really therapeutic hobby and am very grateful people enjoy it and visit my page :O) xx

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