An amazing finishing powder for £9.50!


For the last 8 year my go to powder has always been Guerlain Meteorites. Having horrible dry skin generally makes face powder my enemy. It sticks in all the wrong places and can make my skin look scaly…not a good look! Guerlain Meteorites has always been the only finishing powder that leaves my skin silky smooth and luminous…until now!

NYX HD Studio Finish Photogenic (SFP) Powder is just as good, if not (dare I say it?) better than my holy grail Guerlain pearls, not to mention it’s 1/3 of the cost! What they say:

“Why White? Don’t let the white colour turn you off because this powder is a miracle in a jar. 100% pure mineral silica finishing powder that is perfect for setting foundation or wearing alone. This powder leaves your skin looking radiant and luminous, while absorbing oil for that flawless matte finished look. A colourless shade that can be used for all skin tone as it applies neutral.”

Seriously this stuff lives up to all their claims. It leaves your skin with a flawless beautiful finish, and it doesn’t clog pores or grab onto dry patches. I absolutely love it! I even tried it out on my S.I.L. who is mixed race, so has much darker skin than me, the finish was so beautiful I got her some for her birthday.

I adore the even, velvet like finish this powder gives, it makes my makeup last a lot longer and it is a must for those days/nights out that I know loads of pictures will be taken. I’m not a massive fan of the matte look though, so I use the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray over the top of it, check in tomorrow for my review :O)

Overall the only thing I would say compares with this powder is the Guerlain Meteorites, they however come in at £34.50 as opposed to this NYX option which is £9.50…bargain!!

Sonya D x


8 thoughts on “An amazing finishing powder for £9.50!

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