Glossybox Review: April 2014

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Glossybox are definitely on a roll these past few months. Once again they’ve sent out another fab box. The un-subscribe button is definitely not getting pressed this month!

Emite Makeup Lip Brush L312 – I’m an absolute sucker for a new makeup brush, so the fact that the guys over at Glossy included this had me jumping for joy. You can never have too many makeup brushes…especially lip brushes. This Emite offering is so sleek-looking and has sturdy (synthetic) taklon hairs that give a precise application. After perusing the rest of their brushes, they seem to have a great collection. Send over more Glossy…

MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage Oil & Body Lotion – This is a product I would never have bought for myself, but nevertheless it’s a real treat! It’s so warm and rich smelling it immediately relaxes you. I’m obsessed with oils at the minute, they are definitely the way forward for dry skin. I’ll be popping this into my baths for the next few weeks to see if it helps with my dry skin.

Me Me Me Cosmetics, Beat the blues Pearl Pink – OK I have a confession to make. I opened my Glossybox and saw this, immediately assuming it was a nail varnish, I swatched it thinking, it was the worst nail varnish brush I have ever used. Then I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t dry and was smearing everywhere? HaHa that’s because it’s a highlighter, what an idiot! It’s actually quite a pretty little highlighter too. You don’t need much to get a lovely iridescent finish on your cheekbones. I’ll definietly be looking at more of the Me Me Me range, especially as  Glossy have included a 20% off code.

TRESemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo – Hmmmmm I’m not sure how I feel about this product. I mean I love the fact that Glossy included it, we can always use more dry shampoos, but…I’m not sure if the actual product is that great. The smell is nice, like proper shampoo, but I found it hard to get rid of the tell-tale white spray marks. I’ll be having another go with it and putting up a proper review soon.

He-Shi Professional Tanning Face & Body Gel – Now this is the kind of tanning sample I like Glossy! 50ml or Travel Size of an award winning beauty product…that’s the reason I subscribe. Everyone seems to raving about this tan, I’m so excited to try it. I’ll be putting it to the test next weekend and letting you know how I get on.

So that’s my Glossybox breakdown. What about you guys…did you get the same or different products? Do tell, you know I love hearing your Glossy thoughts.

Sonya D x


2 thoughts on “Glossybox Review: April 2014

  1. Ooh I’ve never heard of anything like this before. So this is like a Graze subscription where you get a little box of treats on a regular basis? That is such a sweet idea! I’d love to get a box like this through the post! Rosemary x

    • Beauty boxes are amazing Rosemary! £12.99 a month and you get a box each month. There’s loads of different companies but Glossybox are my fave. If you look in my menu bar under beauty there’s a whole section on my previous boxes. Treat yourself xx

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