Happy Easter & a quick FOTD…


Happy Easter everyone, I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’ve had a fab weekend so far, we’ve been out walking the dogs with the S.I.L. and her rugrats. We had loads of fun in the park with the dogs running round us all, while the kids did roly-polys. It’s actually quite a funny sight watching a Springer Spaniel, a Husky and a Chihuahua running round together :O)

Yesterday was another lovely day, I almost ate my body weight in Cadbury’s easter eggs…ooops…good job I’m back at Slimming World on Tuesday! Oh and I also had an amazing tea round at the S.I.L’s…I think it must have been about a 1000 calories but it really was delish! Mind you Easter is an important occasion so it needs to be celebrated properly…that’s what I tell myself anyway!

Anyhow for my FOTD I went for a Giorgio Armani – Luminous Silk base, NARS Bronzer (Laguna) and Blusher (Orgasm), a smokey eye using MUA baked shadows and Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick in 107. I can’t wait to see all your easter FOTD, OOTD and NOTD posts today as I sit and enjoy an easter Sunday blog catch up!

Sonya D x

12 thoughts on “Happy Easter & a quick FOTD…

  1. Oh those dogs are so cute! The last picture just reminded me of rolling down grassy hills…really have the urge to give that a blast right now.

    Everyone seems to be having huge Easter celebrations, but we don’t get up to much so no special FOTD’s or OOTD’s from me. Hope you had a lovely weekend though. Rosemary x


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