Flashback Friday – San Fran

Collages21 (2)Following on from last weeks Flashback Friday post, I thought I would show you guys destination number two of our amazing American adventure. We flew from Vegas to San Fran, and I must say it was my favourite of all the four places we visited. I wasn’t expecting to be as blown away as I was.

New York has always been my number one city break, I love the place so much and left my heart there when I first visited in 2006. When I got to San Fran however I seriously fell in love with the place. It’s so cosmopolitan and easy-going, every district is like a whole different country.

You have the marina and wharf area which is how I expected San Fran to be with the Golden Gate Bridge and Pier 39. The Castro is so stunning with palm tree-lined boulevards and gorgeous shops and restaurants, it has that classic California charm. The Mission district has so many amazing authentic eateries it’s a foodies dream. Haight-Ashbury was probably one of my favourite neighbourhoods, with its quirky shops, fab wall art and homages to rock stars past and present. There are so many more, the swanky Nob Hill, bustling Union Square, exotic China Town and the pristine Financial District, not to mention the beautiful Golden Gate Park with its waterfalls, Japanese tea gardens and the music concourse.

We managed to fit so much into our three days there, we visited most of the districts, the Golden Gate park and Alcatraz, but probably the most fun part of the visit was our Segway Tour. One person out of our massive group fell off and can you can guess who that dumbass was? Me of course! Anyhow, three days is not enough to take in the amazingness that is San Fran, you definitely need longer there. I can’t wait to go back!


Sonya D x

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