Finally an amazing exfoliator for dry/sensitive skin…

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Sensitive skin club I found an exfoliator that actually didn’t rip my face to shreds! If you haven’t tried Nip & Fab I suggest you do! Every beauty magazine worth their salt is shouting from the rooftops about how amaze their products are. I literally couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that TK Maxx was packed to the rafters with loads of the brand.

I snapped up a CC concealer (review coming soon) and this scrub fix. Now it definitely was a gamble, I have never found an effective exfolitor that my skin could tolerate. Hearing how amaze-balls these products are meant to be I thought I would take the chance, and boy I’m glad I did!

This time last week my face looked like a snake shedding it’s skin…urghhhh!! I had a go at it with this stuff and voilá…smooth skin with not a dry patch in sight. Further more there was no redness, stinging or irritation. I’ve been using it twice a week with no problems and for the first time for as long as I can remember I have no areas of dryness, my skin is soft, supple and radiant…yeah man!!

If you are in need of a gentle scrub that will get rid of all your dry dead skin then try this. Take it easy and do a patch test first to make sure it doesn’t irritate…you don’t want to do yourself a mischeif and end up worse off. Let me know if you have or plan to try it. Also if any of you have tried anymore of their other stuff please let know, I’m addicted!

Sonya D x


5 thoughts on “Finally an amazing exfoliator for dry/sensitive skin…

  1. I discovered Nip & Fab recently in TKMax as well! I got detox body scrub. This facial one sounds great, I might give it a try even though I found my HG one, it’s nice to mix things up sometimes! 🙂 x

      • Yes, it’s nice! Scent is refreshing, I like using it in the morning to wake me up. It’s a gel and it has walnut shell bits, but they are not densely packed so it’s not to harsh on the skin. I never had a scrub with that kind of texture, it’s not amazing for exfoliation but it is refreshing and it gets the circulation going 🙂 x

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