30 Days… Two Challenges… #day15


In the interest of not looking like a beached whale on my upcoming holiday, I decided to undertake a squat and crunch challenge, and oh…my…goodness it’s hard! I should be on Day 16 but due to a mega busy week I needed an extra rest day. As I sit here writing this post I feel like sobbing that today should have been a rest day, instead I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. So today I’m officially half way through and need to do 140 squats and 95 crunches…Lord help me!

I must admit though I am actually starting to notice the difference. My legs have become rock solid, the booty is a little less pitiful looking, as for the belly…we’ll have to see, I believe I may need to stop eating curries to get the desired effects!

Not complete with tourturing myself with this horrible challenge I went for a second one…as you do! A spending ban! Argh it’s still really hard, definitely more so than the squat/crunch challenge. I will persevere though, I mean it’s not like my legs can carry me round the shops anyway after all those squats!

What about those of you that are also doing the challenges…how are you getting on? Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing, I have a feeling this week is going to be a hard one. Also if you want to catch up with my previous 30 day challenge posts you can do so here and here.

Sonya D x

8 thoughts on “30 Days… Two Challenges… #day15

  1. I’m loving these updates. You’re so funny. I’m tempted to do something similar, as I’ve got a holiday booked in June. I’ve given up sweets/cakes/chocolate/biscuits etc for lent, and I’ve been ok with that. I definitely need to up the exercise though.

  2. I love an update on your squat challenge. Squats are just the most unbearable thing ever. Good to know you are beginning to see effects already! You must be doing something right. Keep going, I’m sending you lots of luck and well wishes from afar. Rosemary x


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