Flashback Friday – Vegas Baby!

In 2012 I was lucky enough to go on the holiday of a lifetime for my 30th birthday. My parents took myself and Ché on a three-week jaunt across America that included four destinations. It really was the best three weeks of my life. Not only were we in dream destinations, but we were also celebrating my Mum’s remission from her breast cancer.  Whilst she was having her chemo we used to sit and dream about all the beautiful places we would visit and happy memories we would build once she was better. For me this holiday was proof that dreams do come true :O) So let me share a few lot of pics from destination no1…Las Vegas baby!


Sonya D X

10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Vegas Baby!

  1. Sorry about your Mum, so glad to hear she is doing better though. What a lovely trip for you and the family. Las Vegas…in my dreams! Looks like an amazing trip, you lucky thing. Looking forward to the next part of your America trip. Rosemary x


  2. Amazing pics! I was also lucky enough to visit Vegas for my 30th and this post has made me wanna go back right now! 🙂

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