30 Days… Two Challenges… #9daysin


OK so owwwwwwww! If you missed my previous post and don’t know what I’m whinging about, I’m basically doing a 30 day squat and crunch challenge and just to rub salt into my wounds/painful muscles I’ve put myself on a spending ban too!

As far the the spending goes I’ve done pretty well. Apart from a face wash and diary (which I needed) I’ve been a very good girl! Don’t get me wrong it’s seriously hard, probably more so than the exercise challenge but I’m determined.

I’m on day 9 of the squat and crunch challenge and…oh…my…life…it’s getting really hard! Yesterday I was on a rest day but today I have to do 100 squats and 60 crunches…arghhhh! Thank goodness I have some of the girls from work, and some of you guys doing it too, it makes it easier to face! I better be looking like Beyoncé next week, that’s all I’m saying!



How are those of you that are doing it getting on? Keep going there’s only 21 days left ;O)

Sonya D x

4 thoughts on “30 Days… Two Challenges… #9daysin

  1. Glad to see it is going…painfully? You are doing very well on the spending ban, keep up with the good J-Lo work! ‘Sonya from the block’ some time soon? 🙂

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