A perfect summer hangout…


…The Botanist – Alderley Edge. Oh my I love it when I find a new amazing place. I mean being a Manchester girl I’ve always been incredibly spoilt when it comes to great hangouts. As some of you know I’m a massive fan of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, day or night there’s loads of cool places to chill, drink and eat. When I moved out of Manchester (OK I’m half an hour down the road but it seems so far away) I found it hard adjusting to no longer being in the city and not having everything on my doorstep.

Normally on special occasions we would venture into Manchester for an evening out, this weekend however we decided to pay Alderley Edge a visit as it’s only five minutes down the road. I spotted a lovely looking restaurant (The Botanist) on my way home from work one day.

We booked in for a meal this weekend and wasn’t disappointed. The decor is amazing, kind of shabby chic meets greenhouse/alpine lodge chic. That’s a weird explanation I know, but this place is like nowhere I’ve been before. It’s so original and interesting, I love it! The drinks menu is amazing, they have an almanac of different drinks and a beut cocktail menu, which has the option of cocktails in a watering can!

As for the food, it’s definitely a 10/10. Everything tastes so fresh and is seasoned perfectly, not to mention they cook the steaks exactly as you request! It really is one of those places where you don’t want the night to end! We were sat by a table overlooking the courtyard out the back and noticed that they were showing old black and white movies via a projector on the wall. After enquiring with the waitress she informed us that over the summer there is table service out the back so you can chill in the sunshine watching the movies, I mean…perfect decor, table service, old black and white movies, all I need is some UK sunshine and I have the perfect summer hangout.

If you’re up near Alderley any time I definitely recommend paying this place a visit. There’s also one in Leeds so if you’re in that neck of the woods go check it out, if you do/have be sure to let me know what you think of it.

Sonya D x

4 thoughts on “A perfect summer hangout…

  1. You’re Mancunian? A Northener? Fellow NWester right here! For some very strange reason, I thought you were Irish… haha my bad

    • Hahah I wonder why I thought Ireland…bit random. I’m in Lancaster wahoo but go to Manchester to shop. 😉 Also finally got my beauty tag up if you’re interested in checking it out. I was so surprised you went for blush over bronzer! x

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