Get your Mariah Carey on in the Shower!


Surely I’m not the only one that thinks they’re a Grammy winning artist whilst washing their hair? I mean what better place to have a good sing-song than in the shower, right?! Well my other half Ché must agree because he just got us one of these waterproof, bluetooth speakers.

You literally stick it to the tiles with the suction pad, pair your bluetooth device and get your favourite tunes blaring while you lather up! I mean the sound isn’t Bose quality but it’s pretty fantastic, and for £12.99 it’s an absolute bargain! There are loads to choose from on amazon, but Che went with this Expower one.

I would never have thought to get a gadget like this so I’m over the moon that Ché had the idea. Now I can listen to my getting ready soundtrack the whole way through my beauty routine! Oh and PS…the shower head doubles for a great microphone ;O)

Sonya D x

6 thoughts on “Get your Mariah Carey on in the Shower!

  1. Hahaha this is great. Who wouldn’t want this in their shower? I didn’t realise this even existed and was thinking ‘someone should make waterproof speakers for the bathroom soon, they’d sell pretty well’. This definitely means at least an extra 30 mins in the shower though, not sure the fam is gonna appreciate that.

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