Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Review


Finally a good hair care brand that can be found in the supermarket. I’ve been battling against the dryness this winter, and any product I’ve used has had to work extra hard to restore any kind of harmony to the dehydrated mess that is my skin, nails and hair!

My usual shampoo and conditioner is Bed Head’s Urban Antidotes – Level 3. I cannot rave about this stuff enough, but I’ve been there and reviewed it so if you want the details have a look here. I generally find 750ml bottles of the shampoo and conditioner for £12.99 in TK Maxx or on amazon.

The only problem with relying on TK’s unreliable stock or online shopping is that when you unexpectedly run out, you can’t just pop out and get a replacement. So last week when in this position I asked Ché to grab me a shampoo and conditioner (preferably with argan oil) when he was in the supermarket. He did quite well and brought me this lot home, but in true boy fashion didn’t get the matching shampoo and conditioner…bless him. Instead he got me argan oil shampoo and macadamia nut conditioner…still he did good!

I have noticed these before but, having been let down by every single supermarket hair product I’ve ever tried (big statement I know), I decided I would stick with my bed head. Also the fact that Organix are sulphate (SLS) free was something that made me think twice about purchasing. Now don’t get me wrong, sulphate free products are an amazing idea and one that should be embraced, buuuuut…I have never found a good sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. I have always found that they don’t wash my hair properly and make it feel heavy and coated, until now…

I love this stuff, not only is it sulphate free, but paraben and phosphate free also…yey-ah! It lathers up beautifully which is pretty good for an SLS free product, and leaves my hair silky soft and smelling beautiful! As for the difference between the macadamia or argan oil, they are both the same when it comes to these products. I am in love!! So much so that I have the intense moisture mask too!

They come in at £5.99 a bottle for 385mls, a pretty great price in my book. Both the shampoo and the conditioner is very thick and rich so I don’t use much, doing so will only lead to greasy hair and a dry scalp! If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to your salon bought products why not give this stuff a go? If you have tried this or anything else from the Organix range please let me know how you got on, I’m obsessed with this stuff now!

Sonya D x

12 thoughts on “Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Review

  1. Ahh argan oil has been soo of the rage for ages now. The packaging looks cute for a brand you’d see at the supermarket. Is the intense moisturising treatment just a moisturiser? The range looks lovely. Also, I seem to just be on your page constantly at the moment like a bit of a stalker…blame bloglovin’! Rosemary x

  2. This looks great especially as its sulphate free as I hate putting harsh chemicals in my hair and I have also not found great sulfate free shampoos x

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