Backstage Dior/Vogue Event


I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to write-up my review of the Dior/Vogue event I attended a few weeks back. The event was held at the Dior Beauty Boutique in Covent Garden. Vogue beauty editors were on hand to give their top tips on this seasons best beauty buys and trends. Dior’s international pro makeup artist Jamie Coombes was also there giving a live demo of how to achieve a flawless base and catwalk finish. OK so let me share with you their top tips…

Skin Care – I’m sure you all know by now that flawless skin is this season’s biggest trend. The natural look however takes a lot of work. Firstly you need to find a skin care regime that works for you, make sure however to incorporate massage into your routine to help plump and brighten the skin. It’s all about getting the products to work for you so your makeup doesn’t have to work as hard. Be sure to find a great primer, products such as Dior’s Dreamskin and Glow Maximizer are fantastic to help you achieve this.

Creating a Flawless Base – This season it’s all about the editorial look, perfect skin, using the face as a blank canvas and letting the eyes stand out as the jewels (Jamie’s words). Gone are the days of contouring, instead we should be looking for a more natural finish. Hook those blushers under the cheek (like a Nike tick) and bring light to the centre of the face by applying the halo effect. Pick your bronzers wisely, pink toned peeps should go for a yellow toned bronzer, whereas yellow toned lovelies should opt for red toned bronzer. Apply your bronzer by lightly sweeping around the face to create a 33 shape or the 33 kissing effect for a more defined look…


…once you have finished get those skin preps back out and dapple them over your cheekbones, brows and top lip for a dewy/natural finish. Haaa it’s amazing how much product you need for a natural finish isn’t it?!

Colour – Anything goes…blue, green, gold… Right now the catwalks are loving the fluid/liquid effect. Molten metallic eyeshadows and even brows are popping up everywhere.


  1. You need not run out and buy a million different shades of cream eyeshadow. Just mix your current powders with a primer that’s safe for use around your eyes, that way you get a fab liquid effect that will stay put!
  2. Don’t invest in mascaras in every colour, instead tip the end of your lashes with your current shadows for a pop of colour
  3. Line under the eyes with a bright shadow
  4. Use a light wash of colour during the day and build it up for an evening look
  5. Instead of smoothing on your lipstick as you normally would, dab it on to create a more subtle/balmy effect
  6. If you feel nervous about trying new looks, or experimenting with bright colours do it on holiday. You’re not around your usual crowd of people so may be braver, plus your skin is usually at it’s best on holiday so you can get away with a lot more.

There we have it my lovelies, Jamie’s and the Vogue girlies top tips. I personally have completely changed my skin care and makeup regime since attending, not to mention saved a fortune by using my products in a more versatile way. I hope it’s of some help for you guys too.

Sonya D x


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