30 Days…Two Challenges…


With my upcoming holiday fast approaching I have decided that I need to take drastic action, and not only tighten the purse strings but the butt cheeks too!! I have decided to try out two challenges this month, the first being a 30 day spending ban and the second being the 30 day squat and crunch challenge.

The spending ban is self explanatory…no buying anything pretty unnecessary for the next 30 days. As for the fitness challenge it’s outlined above. It’s basically the 30 day squat challenge, paired with the 30 day crunch challenge. Today is day one and I am not kidding when I say…it’s ag-on-y! How in the world am I going to make it to 250 squats by day 30? Arghhhh what have I done?

Anyhow if you feel like joining in please do and let me know how you’re getting on. As for me I expect to have an ass like JLo and legs like Beyoncé in 30 days…I’ll keep you posted!

Sonya D x

14 thoughts on “30 Days…Two Challenges…

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of this before – a 30 day squat challenge getting harder by the day with rests in-between is so much more doable than just aiming to go to the gym every day. Did you make this up yourself or is it one of those new crazes? Something tells me I’m not quite feeling up to it this April but I will definitely be trying it out pre-Summer so let us know how you get on. And the spending ban…with what I’ve seen of your wardrobe I’m not sure how that’s going to go haha…but I wish you good luck with both!

    • Hey Rosemary, no I didn’t come up with it, if you search there’s loads of different challenges. Some are just crazy hard though so I thought the squat and crunch together was a great one. The problem is I go away in two months so am going to have to keep doing it for two moths! Also the same for the spending ban…eek! xx PS: no I didn’t do the drawing I had it comissioned, have a look here: http://wp.me/p44vuW-1y :O)

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  3. I’m in (for the squat challenge)!!! I’m also doing a nutrition challenge with my boot camp, but a physical challenge sounds interesting. Let’s do it!!

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