If they’re good enough for Kate Moss…


…then they’re definitely good enough for me! More often than not I tend to go with high end makeup purchases, I am however not against a good drugstore buy. Lately I’ve been finding loads of amazing drugstore products, one of them being the Kate Moss for Rimmel line. Now I am aware that these are old news and yes I am kicking myself for not giving them a go sooner.

I love the simple packaging, creamy formula, amazing colours…M.A.C. eat your heart out…and best of all, the taste. Holy crap it’s beautiful, like zingy, sweety goodness, I need to be careful not to eat my lipstick off!

In order of the pictures I went for shades 107, 05 and 110. 107 and 05 are gorgeous bright colours that are perfect for Spring/Summer. Shade 110 is more of a berry shade that’ll be perfect for a night out. I need to stay away from the Rimmel counter for a bit now or I’ll be buying all the shades, then there’s the new Rita Ora range which is seriously amaze! Have you seen it? Thoughts?


Sonya D x

8 thoughts on “If they’re good enough for Kate Moss…

  1. Ooh I always tend to go with high-end too because I think there is just that general guarantee of quality. I, though, like you, am not against highstreet beauty buys in any way, so it is good to discover a drugstore product recommended by someone with similar beauty tastes to me. I never trust celeb collaborations like Rihanna for River Island because I always wonder how much input the celebrities have had, but either way, it sounds like I should give Kate Moss and Rita Ora a whirl. Thanks for the recommendation. Rosemary x

    • I totally agree you never know how much input they have. I’m not really bothered by celeb collabs to be honest just good makeup. These Kate Moss lippies are beautiful and taste incredible, just goes to show that drugstore can be better than M.A.C.! xx

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