A guide to: Makeup Brushes – Conceal, Contour & Highlight

makeup brushes 071 makeup brushes 067Carrying on with the guide to makeup brushes, this week I thought I’d have a look at the different options available for concealing, contouring and highlighting. If you missed my previous posts you can catch up on foundation, blush and powder by clicking the links.

Concealing – OK then so we’ve applied our perfect base, now we need to conceal all those pesky red, spotty patches or under eye bags. There are loads of brushes available for the job, the most common being the flat-headed (mini foundation-ish) concealer brush.


Personally I find the results of these kind of brushes similar to that of using a flat foundation brush, streaky and unblended. I find the best results for under the eye are achieved by blending gently with your ring finger, or by using a pointed blending brush, such as this one from Crown.


Once you have achieved your flawless finish you will need to set your concealer, especially under the delicate eye area. I like to use a special under eye light diffusing powder for this job, a good one for anyone on a budget is this one from E.L.F. You do get little brushes with these kinds of products but I tend to find them too small and rigid for the job. Instead I apply with a mini powder puff and brush away with a nice soft brush such as this setting brush from Real Techniques.


Contouring – With the current trend moving more towards a natural base and not heavy contouring we are needing these brushes less and less. If however you want to channel your inner Kim Kardashian you can use a whole host of brushes, no need for special contouring brushes. Now then lets split our contouring jobs up. Firstly we need to apply our light areas, I usually go with a NYX concealer for this job and blend with my small Crown (kabuki) blending brush.


Then for my dark contouring powders I go with a slanted blush brush such as this one from Daniel Sandler. It helps to give a perfect, sharp application to the chosen area, which is key in getting your contouring right.


However when I’m using a cream contouring product I tend to go with my Crown angled contouring brush. You may notice that I’m loving the Crown Infinity brushes, and for good reason. Firstly Crown are a very reasonably priced company. Secondly the quality and expansive range of their products is not be beaten. I prefer these brushes to most high-end companies…M.A.C. I’m looking at you!


Right then beauties we’ve got all our products slapped on, now we need to blend them in so we don’t resemble a tiger or ninja turtle! Now you may have noticed in the top two pictures that I have a couple of flat-headed buffing brushes. I do love these but to be honest they’re pretty much retired now, in favour of my beauty blender.

This is one of those rare products that comes along once in a blue moon and changes everything…kinda like the Tangle Teezer. I have no idea what I did without this. I’ve heard a lot of ladies talking about how this hasn’t yielded great results for them when they apply their foundation with it. I very much agree, forget that, all you need to do is dampen it, wring it out, press over your finished base, step back and admire the flawless HD effect it leaves. The original Beauty Blender is amazing but to be honest the dupes I’ve found are pretty good too.


Highlighting – OK then we’re left with the job of highlighting now. As with concealing under the eye I prefer to use my fingers to apply my highlighters. These days I’m either opting for cream highlighters, my YSL Touché Eclat or primers. I like to dapple them over my cheek bones and above my brows and lips. If however I’m applying a powder product I either go for an angled brush such as the Daniel Sandler one above or a Flat Blender from the Crown Infinity range.


So there we have it my choices for some of the hardest makeup jobs. I think the thing to bear in mind is that you don’t need special brushes to do these jobs, and a lot of the time our fingers are even better. Have a look at what’s in your stash and  I bet you’ll be able to adapt lot’s of brushes for the job. The key really is not using a brush that is too big or small for the area you’re working with. Any of my brushes can be swapped to do another job, I just prefer to use them this way, you could change them round though, it’s totally up to you.

Anyhow guys, I hope that helped a little. I’ll be looking at eyeshadow brushes over the weekend, and I have a lot of M.A.C. dupes for you including the legendary 217, so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out. Also if you haven’t already please can give the bloglovin and twitter button a little click ;O)

Sonya D x

2 thoughts on “A guide to: Makeup Brushes – Conceal, Contour & Highlight

  1. Ahh my gash I did the wroooong thing and forked out for a bunch of mac brushes which are awful! Definitely will be getting up a review on them soon. Also, you are so on it with the concealer. Why do all concealer brushes just paint product on? I just use my fingers to blend now. What would you say are your favourite brushes? I don’t want to pay a fortune for some awful ones like my Macs again.

    • Aw that’s such a shame, I really don’t think M.A.C. are as good as people say…except for the 217! I would go with Crown every time. They have never let me down and are 1/3 of the price of M.A.C.! xx

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