DIY Beautician: The Oil Cleansing Method

Skin Edit 019Skin Edit 053On the hunt for a remedy for my enlarged pores and dry skin, one thing I saw being mentioned over and over is the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). Apparently cleansing your skin with oil and then massaging for 10 – 30 minutes a day with the same oil is the bomb diggity. Now this may seem strange, but from what I’m reading, doing this leads to incredible results…sometimes within days! Not only will you ‘potentially’ reduce your pores in a dramatic way, leave your tired, dry skin…soft, supple and bright, but apparently you’ll want to throw away all your other products…hmmmm!

Well then if pretty much every person that’s tried this seems to be screaming about how incredible it is, not to mention cheap, it’s only natural that I have to try it and share it with you guys. So I started looking for the best ‘natural oils’ to use and again people seemed to raving about a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil…even Lauren Conrad. Well if it’s good enough for Lauren…

I’ve decided to go with Lauren’s mix of two teaspoons coconut oil and 10 drops olive oil. Some people go for Castor, some Argan, Neem or Pomegranate, the choice is yours. I’ll be doing the following for the next two weeks.

For the Wash

  1. Apply a small amount to dry skin and massage in, paying special attention to problem areas
  2. Apply a warm washcloth over your face to help steam open pores
  3. Remove after one minute or when the cloth has cooled
  4. Repeat if necessary

For the massage (once you have finished the wash)

  1. So as not to pull on your skin, tighten it by opening your mouth slightly and pull your lips firmly against your teeth
  2. Massage in a forward and back motion, never circular. Use the tips and front of your fingers or palms if easier
  3. Wipe away excess oil with a cotton pad
  4. If you want quick results you need to do this from 15-30 minutes a day. Don’t worry though it doesn’t need to be in one session

From what I’m reading you may break out in the first week and this is completely normal. The steam will help to open your pores and the oil should break down any hardened nastiness blocking them. If however this continues or your skin dries out then you may need to strip back the amount you do this. 

There we have it, one of the most raved about, not to mention inexpensive treatments I’ve ever found. I’m a bit loath to give up my lovely new skin regime that is working well but if it helps to shrink those pores, hydrate my skin and save me some money I have to try it, right?! I’ll see you back here in two weeks for my final verdict. If you’re trying it or already have done, please let me know what you think.

Sonya D x


8 thoughts on “DIY Beautician: The Oil Cleansing Method

    • I definitely say try it. I already have a spot! That hasn’t happened in over a year because my skin has been so dry and pores so blocked. It must be getting all the rubbish out!! :0)

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