Storage Ideas…The Zoeva Tote…

…Yeeeeeeeees it’s finally mine and I love it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please let me fill you in. OK so a while ago Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo posted a pic on her Instagram of the best looking makeup bag ever!

It went straight onto my birthday wishlist and my gorgeous Ché trawled the internet looking for it…god love him :O) Unfortunately it’s currently sold out at Pomshop Ltd but apparently you can get it direct from Zoeva.



Upon sitting down to organise this I had visions of getting all my everyday makeup in one place. Well I did, but I didn’t realise I had so much that fell into the everyday category…eek! Anyhows, this bag is fab. It has space for so much stuff…as you can see. It’s sturdy, compact and best of all…wipeable, which means no nasty staining or germs. If you’re looking for something to help with your organisation then I reckon this could be your new best mate!

Now I was expecting that my old ‘record box’ as my Mum calls it would become redundant after being emptied in favour of my new Zoeva. In fact it’s still super full with all my extra special stuff.


So there we have it, my lovely new tote, old record box kinda thing, oh and my version of a goody cupboard :O) Seriously guys I need help!


Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

12 thoughts on “Storage Ideas…The Zoeva Tote…

  1. This bag looks amazzeeee. I was once again disappointed by Mac (seem to be on a troll path with Mac here – I do love them, they just sometimes don’t live up to my expectations) because you cannot fit anything in their make up bags! I definitely have my eyes on this. Also, side note, how do you have sooo many products. That cupboard is vey beautifully organised but a beast!

  2. Sonya D, I think I’m going to cry. Ever since you posted this, this little bag has been on my wish list and about a month ago I think – I don’t know, I’m not too great with time – I finally decided I was going to treat myself. So over I hop to Zoeva and it is out of stock. This news broke me but I signed up for their “email me when you’re back in stock” with much hope in my heart. It has been a month now and THEY STILL DON’T HAVE IT IN STOCK but they have the pictures up and I keep coming back to this post and I feel sick because I really really really need this and afkjlkweglklrkhrga;lure;wba. Anyway I checked Amazon and Ebay with no success, checked Pomshop – still out of stock – God help me, I’m having a meltdown. And I blame you for introducing me to this beauty! Thought you might like to know…hahhahaah I think I’m going cray

    • Haaaaaa literally couldn’t stop laughing when I read this. Very sad for you that you can’t get a Zoeva Rosemary! I have never even seen them anywhere else either. Oh dear hang in there girl you’ll be ok xx

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