FOTD and a bit of family fun!

Last night I went round to my S.I.L.’s for tea. Needless to say it descended into complete chaos by the end of the evening. To be honest I don’t know who was worse…the adults or the kids? I decided to start a game of guess the emoji, queue all the adults and kids shouting out answers trying to beat each other. Then my two nephews decided that they should pin down their Uncle Ché and try and saw him in two with their pretend tool kit…I do hope they were trying to do magic!

Anyhow, why I even bother putting my face on I don’t know, five minutes with that rabble and it’s all gone…not even M.A.C.’s Fix + could save me! Never one to give up on my beauty routine I persevered and went for a base of Bourjois CC cream, Dior’s Glow Maximiser and NARS Laguna and Orgasm. I then had a play with my my new Urban Decay NAKED Basics palette and I can happily report it’s amaze! I managed to create a lovely matt smoky eye and cat flick using just that little palette…what did I ever do without it? So here’s a pic of my FOTD and a few other pics of our family fun. I hope you’re all having a fab weekend too.

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Sonya D x

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