Urban Decay goes electric!

In preparation for their new permanent palette, masters of the eyeshadow world Urban Decay are moving away from the NAKED vibe and zhooshing it up a bit…or a lot! Set to hit UK shops on April 1st the Electric palette is sure to be a big hit for all you colour enthusiasts.


Word on the street is that there’ll be no NAKED 4…sob. Mind you I’ll believe that when I see it…or don’t! Recently we’ve seen lipglosses, eyeliners, beauty balms and lose powder added to the NAKED line. Personally I think there’s only so much milking they can do of that beautiful NAKED gravy train before people start screaming for a new palette!

As for the electric range it looks set to include polishes and loose glitters. Personally I’m not that excited…did I just say that? It looks a bit too…gulp…garish for me. I’m having visions of seeing Nicky Minaj looks gone wrong everywhere I turn. Hopefully people will channel their inner Rita Ora’s instead?!

Anyhows I’ve been invited to the Urban Decay NAKED complexion masterclass on April 3rd. Not only will there be live demos of all the NAKED skin products but also ‘allthe new products will be showcased. I’m open to my mind being changed, but you know I still want a NAKED 4!! How about you guys, excited?

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

3 thoughts on “Urban Decay goes electric!

  1. yeah, I’ve seen this online and I’m a little intimidated by these colors. Doesn’t seem like something I’d reach for very often. But looks fun. If only there were just a couple of good neutrals in it.

    • Ahhh the cleaverness of marketing, you’ll have to by the other palettes for neutrals! I totally agree with you though, very intimidating colours, maybe the masterclass will change my mind. I’ll let you know xx

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