Comme des Garcons x Pharrell fragrance collab!

The only celeb left in town without their own scent must be Pharrell. Well no more, he’s about to jump on the fragrance gravy train. It’ll be no ordinary gravy train though, I mean this is Pharrell we’re talking about. This one will be driven by none other than amazing japanese fashion label Comme des Garcons!

Don’t be deceived by the fragrances supposed name…G I R L. It is simply a nod to his recent album of the same name. The fragrance will however be unisex. Now I have to give him props for attempting such a difficult job. I mean not since Calvin Klein gave us CK One have we seen anything live up to it’s success in cornering the unisex market. It goes without saying that Pharrell has a difficult job on his hands, however, I’m sure if anyone can pull it off it’s the most stylish man in music. Especially as he’s got the backing of one of the most innovative, inspiring fashion labels in all of the land!


Good luck Pharrell, just do me one favour…don’t fashion the bottle in the shape of your hat!

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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