Oolong…is it a weight loss tea?

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There are currently a massive amount of companies boasting about this 400 year old teas magical powers, and as a result packaging it up and selling it at extortionate prices. So is Oolong tea, often referred to as Wulong Tea worth the money? Does it really work? In fact what does it actually do?Image

OK so Oolong tea undergoes a small amount of fermentation which results in it becoming a mixture of green and black tea. This not only gives it a smooth taste, but also results in it having the best qualities of both teas. Oolong tea and its powerful antioxidants have been proven to have a multitude of health benefits that help in the battle with; heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin problems and tooth decay. Now by no means a replacement for medical management of these conditions, Oolong tea has been proven to be a beneficial supplement. It does however have some side effects that you should be aware of, have a look at this link for more info.

What’s the weight loss connection then? Lot’s of companies are falsely claiming that Oolong will help you lose 2lbs a week. Although it has been proven to improve your metabolism and increase fat oxidation, it’s weight loss effects are individual to each person. Oolong when drunk undiluted with sugar or milk will have ‘some’  weight loss properties but is by no means a miracle tea. Drinking it regularly will help you to stay hydrated and detoxify, which is one of the keys to weight loss in itself.

Is it worth the money then? Well that depends on what you are paying! I have seen this ‘wonder’ tea sold for £15 a box or even £5.50 a cup before now. If you are paying those prices then no it is not worth that kind of money. Remember this is an ancient chinese tea, so who better to get it from? That’s right, I get mine from Manchester’s Chinatown for about £3 for 100 tea bags. I also buy a huge bag of loose Oolong tea leaves for about £1.20. Where possible I always opt for Organic teas. Companies that are selling it for more than this or adding a bit of fennel, orange or jasmine, repackaging it and charging ridiculous amounts of money for it are unnecessarily changing a pretty perfect tea and ripping us off!ImageImage

Personally I have been drinking this tea for the last 10 years and I love it. It has a lovely smooth taste, not as sharp as green tea but just as refreshing. I always feel more vibrant and alert when drinking it. I also notice my skin is much healthier and yes I do find it easier to lose weight when I regularly drink it. I personally can’t sing it’s praises enough and would/have recommended it to anyone that asks me about it.

What about you guys, have you tried it? If so what do you think?

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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