I Heart London #2

Some of you may have seen my previous post about the fun I have been having in London. I travelled down with my S.I.L. and was lucky enough to stay at my Uncles beautiful Notting Hill house. After arriving quite late we bedded down ready for an early start the next day, as we had a really full on itinerary planned. We started with a nosey around the Notting Hill boutiques and bakerys, then on to Selfridge’s makeup hall to meet my friend Michelle. Of course we walked around pretty much all the counters and were particulary taken with the Aerin Lauder new spring range, it’s so beautiful, if you haven’t seen it already have a little look here.

London 2014 161Collages19 (2)Collages15 (2) #London2 (2)

We were actually quite focussed and didn’t let ourselves get carried away in Selfridge’s…miricles do happen, who knew? After a quick bite to eat we had a little walk down to my favourite London bar Sketch. We obviously had to have a look in some of the gorgeous shops on S Molton St on the way down. It was especiacially hard to stay focussed with the amount of Space NK shops in London. Combine that with their recent Eve Lom launch and I have never known temptation like it. I did however resist…I don’t know how!

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Upon arriving at Sketch we were seated in the Parlour which is described as…

“The Parlour is home to the finest delicacies of the sketch chefs. Lounge on a variety of Louis XV seating in the quirky and eccentric patisserie, restaurant and bar from breakfast, through comfort food and afternoon tea for up to six persons until the last drink before home…”

If you haven’t yet been to Sketch I would definitely advise you to go see the place. It’s so quirky and upon arrival you never know which of the amazing and original rooms you’ll be seated in, not to mention it has the best loo’s in London!

London 2014 315London 2014 316London 2014 332Collages16 (2)London 2014 353

After Sketch we had to make our way down Carnaby St towards Covent Garden where we were booked into the Vogue/Dior event. I’m not going to go into too much detail because it needs a post all of it’s own. All I will say is that it was a fab afternoon and I would recommend anyone to sign up if they see anything similar advertised!

London 2014 363

#London1 (2)London 2014 412

After our makeover we had to leg it down the embankment to catch a water taxi over to the 02. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Mrs Carter World Tour. If any of you are travelling in from central London I can’t recommend this enough, especailly at the end of the gig when thousands of people are cramming onto the tubes, trust me this is much more relaxing and civilised. As for Beyoncé she was incredible and an added bonus…Jay Z joined her on stage for Drunk in Love!

London 2014 439 London 2014 444 London 2014 445 London 2014 450

So that was my day in London. It’s amazing how much you can achieve in one day, and how stress free and fun it can be if you’re in great company. Thanks for a fab times ladies and thanks everyone for taking the time to check this post out. I’m off out to a friends 30th tonight so of course they’ll be FOTD and OOTD on here tomorrow, followed by all the insider makeup tips I learnt at the Dior event. Plus keep a lookout for my post on the wonder product Vogue are raving about…and it’s less than £30! Have a great Saturday everyone!

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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