Get the most out of your makeover!

As some of you may know I’m going to be travelling down to London next week. The main reason for me going down is to attend the Beyoncé – Mrs Carter world tour at the 02! I literally can’t wait!! Whilst planning the day with my friends it was pretty obvious that a makeover had to be booked in. The choice of where to go is pretty extensive, especially in London.

Almost every makeup company worth their salt offers the service, so which one should you choose? Personally I like to plan my makeovers and book them when I need something from a specific company. So if I need to replace a MAC lipstick I go to MAC. If I need a new Chanel Inimitable, I go to CHANEL, and so on. The key is to make sure the makeover you book is redeemable against products.

So back to the London makeover. I was umming and ahhing about where to have mine done. First up which company…CHANEL, MAC, Urban Decay, Illamasqua…?

Then there’s the location…Harrods, Sefridges, Harvey Nichols or flagship stores? The choice is endless and often confusing. I myself was really at a loss as to where to go. Then my friend Michelle sent me a text about the new Dior Beauty Boutique in Covent Garden.Dior-exterior_2735586a

Now strictly speaking I actually don’t need anything from Dior buuuut…do I want anything? Of course! Some of the most beautiful makeup I own has come from Dior, not to mention my first foray into high-end makeup was Dior’s Long’Optic mascara…oh my, remember how fab that was? Why did you ever discontinue it Dior?



Anyhow, when I saw the menu of makeover choices, combined with the fact that Dior’s whole repertoire of makeup is housed under one roof my mind was firmly made up and the appointment booked.

As a coincidence, or fate, my friend noticed that there was a Vogue/Dior event to be held in the boutique on exactly the same day. I sent an email over to the very helpful people at Condé Nast and they very kindly switched our appointments so we could attend the event. Many thanks to both Devina at Vogue and Chris at Dior for accomodating us.


As you can see its sure to be a great event. Makeovers, manicures, goody bags, demonstrations and presentations all for the price of £25. To top it all of it’s redeemable against any purchases.

Now I know that every time you want a makeover there isn’t going to be the option of an event such as this…especially if you have as many as me! However you can still get your moneys worth. Like I say plan ahead and book for when you will be purchasing anyway, or save your purchase until you have something special planned, so you can pencil in a makeover before you attend your special event.

If you are just going to treat yourself and have a makeover, have a little think about what you will be purchasing with the redeemabe amount. Having a good idea of what you fancy before you go will make sure that you don’t get something on a whim and end up disapointed.

Now for me to take my own advice and have a little nose at Dior’s products, there are so many amazing things that it’s going to be hard to narrow it down!

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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