Goodbye February…Hello March!

As February comes to an end, I’m sat here feeling quite nostalgic for what has been a bitter sweet month for me. There have been a few sad moments this last month, but it has mostly been a lovely month filled with love and laughter. It started with myself and my lovely Ché celebrating 10 years together, then came Valentines day, Ché’s birthday and an impromptu ‘glamping’ trip in my parents new RV.1031551390191410211201689878_10151836204846580_2009808269_n (1)

So as I wave bye-bye to February I’m mega excited for what March has to offer. Again this is a month filled with special celebrations and events. First up is my trip down to London, I’m lucky enough to be staying at my Uncle’s amaze Notting Hill house.


I’ll be meeting up with some of my favorite people and we have loads of nice things planned. We’ll be attending the Dior and Vogue day at the Dior Covent Garden Boutique. This day looks to be any Beauty fiends dream come true. Free makeovers, manicures, nail art and goodie bags. There’ll be a live makeup demo from Dior’s Pro Artist Jamie Coombes and commentary by Vogue editors Jessicia Hogan and Virginia Chadwyck-Healey. Get the low down on all the upcoming beauty trends and insider tips and tricks from Jamie himself! If you want to attend you might want to put your name forward ASAP as it’s almost fully booked!20140228-185738.jpg

Later that evening we’ll be catching a water taxi over to the 02 to see the queen of booty shaking…Beyoncé. I literally can’t wait! Hopefully they’ll be some time to pay my fave London bar…SKETCH a visit!1622705_10151858418776580_680719976_nlecture_03

The following week is my birthday and I’m lucky enough to be attending the Drake gig in Manchester Arena. Finally at the end of the month is my beautiful Mama’s 50th Birthday. So here’s to a fabulous month ahead, I hope you all have lovely things planned too. I’ll soon be posting my March wishlist and February beauty review, so don’t forget to give me a follow on here, bloglovin or twitter for regular updates.

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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