REVIEW: Urban Decay’s NAKED Vs MUA’s Undressed

A few posts back I was discussing if anything else compares to Urban Decay’s NAKED palette. If you haven’t got time to read the whole thing, in summary the only thing that directly compares to UD’s palette is MUA’s Undressed.

I have finally managed to get my hands on the original UD NAKED palette so have pictured and swatched both palettes for you to have a look at. So on with the review.

The product

OK UD’s palette costs £37.00 and comes with a (fantastic) brush and a free primer which has a lot of buzz around it. MUA’s palette costs £4.00 and comes only with a double end sponge applicator. I have bought the MUA primer separately and will be doing a V’s post on both primers at a later date. Both palettes have 12 eye shadows in various matt and sparkly shades. It’s safe to say that the MUA palette is heavily inspired by the UD NAKED palette as the shades are almost identical and in exactly the same order.


The UD  palette wins hands down here. It’s packaging is lovely. It is a soft brown velvet embossed with a gold script. It opens out to the 12 shadows in a row, with a little nook underneath to hold the fab brush they have included. I have to take this opportunity to mention just how fantastic this brush is. Anyone serious about make up knows that you can have the best quality make up on the market but apply it with a bad brush and the overall finish will be a flawed one. Alternatively you could have make up that is not as good quality but a fantastic brush and technique and the results are likely to be much better. I am absolutely thrilled then with the soft but sturdy brush UD have included. You will still need another if not two more blending brushes but they have given us a great start! Inside the lid a mirror can be found. I wouldn’t say this is big enough for myself to do my eye make up but it would be handy if I was out and about and wanted to do a quick check or touch up. The lid closes softly with a hidden magnet.

The MUA packing however leaves lots to be desired. It is flimsy and uninspiring. Also I have just accidentally dropped mine and smashed one of the eye shadows. This palette comes with a double sponge applicator which I would suggest you throw out for the reasons mentioned above. Now with all that being said guys this palette is £33.00 cheaper so I can forgive it’s packaging.


The free sample of the UD eye primer included with their palette


The colour chart for the Urban Decay Palette


How do the eye shadows actually compare?

I have been using the MUA palette for a while as I was having great difficulty getting hold of the UD one. I have found that the MUA product is quite good, especially for the price. It has some fallout but then again so does the UD product.  If used with primer the staying power of the MUA product is much better so I would make sure you always prime well. Again the UD product will perform much better with a primer especially their amazing primer but it also performs well without. One important point I need to get across is that I personally feel I need to load my brush with lots more of the MUA product than I do the UD one.

Now for the most important part. How do the colours of both palettes compare? Firstly the pigmentation is pretty fantastic in the MUA palette but UD definataly has the edge. The pigment of their shadows is so lovely and intense but they are renowned for this are they not?. I will include some swatch pictures below. In each picture I have swatched two shadows from each palette side by side. The UD product is always on the left and the MUA always on the right.

1. Virgin & Sin


Pretty similar if you ask me. I do feel though that UD have definitely got the edge with the intesity and the MUA version of Sin is a little more rose based than the original.

2. Naked & Sidecar


MUA’s version of Naked is pretty impressive however their interpretation of Sidecar leaves a lot to be desired. It is too bronze and does not have the warmth or depth of the UD shadow.

3. Buck & Halfbaked


So as it’s pretty clear to see in the picture MUA’s version of Buck is a LOT more sheer. Their version of Halfbaked however is quite impressive!

4. Smog & Darkhorse


I don’t feel I have to say much about how these compare. Neither of the MUA shadows come close enough to the UD shadows for my liking.

5. Toasted & Hustle


MUA have again gone a little too bronze with their version of Toasted. Their version again fails to capture the warmth that the original offers. MUA’s version of Hustle however is not half bad!

6. Creep & Gunmetal


MUA have hit the nail on the head here. Their versions of both Creep and Gunmetal are very close and to be honest I would struggle to tell the difference if I didn’t know better.


So then is it worth paying the extra £33.00 that UD will charge you for the original NAKED palette? In my opinion yes! Although MUA have done a good job in capturing the warm tones and glittering shades that obviously inspired their Undressed palette they have failed to emulate some of my favourite shades from the UD palette. Most notably Sidecar, Smog, Darkhorse and Toasted fall short. I am an absolute perfectionist so this is something that bothers me. That and the intense pigmentation, beautiful packaging, fabulous brush and great primer sample make the UD product well worth the money for me. I will however continue to wear the MUA palette on days when I am in work. I really must give credit where it is due though, MUA have done a pretty fantasic job of putting this palette together for £4.00! If you don’t want to waste your good make up for work days, can’t afford or can’t get hold of the UD NAKED palette I would definitely recommend MUA’s offering!

So here ends the review. I hope it was of some help and if you have any other questions ask away. I’d love to hear your comments and views. Have any of you compared the two palettes? If so what did you think? Are any of you going to go with one over the other? If so why? I look forward to hearing from you.


Sonya x

6 thoughts on “REVIEW: Urban Decay’s NAKED Vs MUA’s Undressed

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  2. The lighter colors are so close omg.
    Too bad for the darker colors though I’m a big dam of the darker naked colors. Great post!


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