Pucker up for Daniel Sandler


OK the title of this post may be a play on words, but in reality I really could kiss Daniel Sandler for bringing us these beautiful lip products. Let me talk you through just how fab they really are!

First up is his Luxury Lip Gloss in Vivid Energy.



Size – Are you kidding me? It’s mohassive, I can’t believe just how much product you get for the price. The chubby tube holds 6g/6mls of product…that’s loads, especially for £14.50! To put it into perspective compare it to a MAC dazzleglass in which you get 2..4mls for £17.50, that’s less than half the size! I have never seen lip glosses so big…nice one Daniel!

Packaging – Come on guys it’s got to be hard to try to re-invent the wheel when it comes to lip gloss design. Daniel however has done a pretty fab job here, the massive chubby tube is really easy to find in your bag…especially if you’re anything like me and have 10 different ones on your person at all times…oh dear. Anyhow, the rest is quite standard, clear tube so you can see your colour, black lid and logo and doe foot applicator. The applicator however is not your average doe foot, it’s so padded and luxourious…I love it!

Gloss – So this is what’s actually important, no? Well I can happily report this gloss is the bomb diggity. Beautifully pigmented, thick and luxurious without making my lips sticky and best of all it tastes like a flavour of Jelly Belly’s I can’t recall…ummmm. Oh and it lasts ages too…as long as you don’t lick it all of trying to remember that Jelly Belly flavour!

Colour – There are four in the range, I went for Vivid Energy as I have been looking for the perfect orange-y, coral-y colour for a while now. This fulfilled all my requirements, it is definitely an amazing take on the colour of the season, I can see every one of my upcoming holiday snaps featuring this gloss! There are also 3 other colours:

  • Skinny Dip – a lovely nude…oh I just got that, haha
  • Vivid Desire – from what I can tell without seeing it in person it looks like a gorgeous deep red
  • Vivid Emotion – again without seeing it in person I can’t be 100% but this looks to be a lovely fuchsia pink

Oh I want them all…


Not Enough Colours – Expand the range, expand the range…never again will I buy another lip gloss and not feel like I’m being ripped off!

Next up is Daniel’s Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Red


What they claim:

Rich, saturated creamy colour and protective treatment in one. “Micro-bubbles” continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and colour fresh for hours. Glides on effortlessly for a flawless, lustrous brilliance.

The Problem….Lips that lack lustre and really need constant moisture to keep them in tip top condition. No need to pop lip balm on first as Micro Bubble formula does it all.

The Solution… Rich, creamy colour and protective treatment in one. “Micro-bubbles” continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and colour fresh for hours.


Packaging – Comes in your typical setup of hard tube and twist base, inside is an average 3g of product. The hard tube in fact does not feel plastic-y which is one of my pet peeves about cosmetics packaging. Instead it feels like a light weight black metal with lovely gold logo…gorgeous.

Lipstick – I’m so impressed with this lipstick, it’s is definitely close to Tom Ford standards…yes I really did say that! Thick and luxuriously creamy, it even tastes like a creamy desert…yum! It’s staying power is fantastic and yes Daniel’s claims are true, it really does moisturise your lips…10/10 on this one Daniel! Oh and at £13.50 it’s a flammin bargain!

Colour – Again you have four colours in the range and the shades are very aptly described by their names.

  • Micro Red – a beautifully deep but rich red…my first choice
  • Micro Berry – do I really need to describe this one?
  • Micro Nude – again no explanation necessary
  • Micro Femme – A gorgeous mauve/dusky pink…next on my sopping list!

I went for Micro Red, I mean a girl can never have too many red lipsticks…can she? The colour is so deep and rich it may, just may have knocked CHANEL’s Rouge Allure in Flamboyante off my Cult Classics list…watch this space!


You know what I’m going to say…expand the range Daniel, the world needs more lipsticks like these!

Phew can you tell I’m loving these products? Daniel Sandler has never disappointed me and his ability to re-invent standard cosmetics and make me see things from a different perspective is just amazing…water colour blush anyone? This guy really is wiping the floor with other high end companies and at half the price… the likes of CHANEL, NARS and TOM FORD better watch their backs becuase this guy and his products are just genious!

Lucky girl that I am I have a few other Daniel Sandler goodies left to review and will be having a little play with them over the next few days. I’m going away tonight with Ché and my parents in the 30 foot RV my Dad just got. I need to distract myself from all the vehicle talk somehow ;O)

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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