Oh I say…NARS Adult Content


Hey gorgeous ones…Happy Valentines XoXo. Some of you that read my Manchester Date Night post will know that Feb is the month of lurve in my house. Last week me and my lovely Ché  celebrated our 10th anniversary. As if you could get better than that I had a special delivery yesterday, so it seems only fitting for me to share my special present with you today!

Now we had decided not to get anything for each other because we are going to Thailand and Abu Dhabi in May to celebrate our 10 years. Imagine my extreme excitment then, when he surprised me with NARS’ naughtily named Adult Content Palette! Oh NARS you do make me blush…gedit? ;O)


Oh it’s so beautiful…I’m literally sitting here singing I’m, I’m so in love with you…good old Marvin Gaye! Right, sorry back to the palette which is amazing and an absolute bargain to boot. For £30 you get a great little all rounder, three iconic blushes, Zen, Desire and the very gorgeous but awkwardly named Deep Throat. As an added bonus you get a bootiful little highlighter in Miss Liberty.


OK so how can I can get across how great NARS blushers are? They are in my opinion the best you can get. Next time you’re near a concession swatch one on the back of your hand and marvel at how soft and incredibly pigmented they are! If you can’t get to a concession, go out on a limb, pick a colour and order online…you definitely won’t be disapointed!


From left to right: Deep Throat, Zen, Desire and Miss Liberty

As I have already said this is most definietly the perfect all rounder. You have the amazing Deep Throat that will give you a natural flushed look. Zen would be perfect for contouring or any bronzing needs. Desire will be perfect for when you want to give your look a little pop and mix things up a bit. As for Miss Liberty it is the most beautifully understated highlighter, so gorgeous infact it has dampened down my craving for the Giorgio Armani Belladonna Highlighter.

If you’re trying to build your blush collection or want an all in one you can chuck place gently in your clutch before heading out then this naughty little guy is your best bet and if you want one you better get too it. These limited edition palettes have been going for a few months now and are now only available on line…once they’re gone they’re gone! Speaking of which I really should throw a lust have in at this point…


…NARSissist Eye Palette, need I say more? Well apart from the fact that they are nearly sold out everywhere so again if you want one you better get a move on.

Don’t panick if you miss out because on Feb 17th the NARSissist blush palette is to be launched. You can preorder here and gorgeous ones if you don’t already own Laguna and Orgasm then you might wanna click on that link and get yourself one, because they are the best bronzer and blusher combo on the planet! Then to top it off they have included a limited edition highlighting colour that goes by the name of Devotee


Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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