Boutique Gift Shopping

For me February is the start of a few mad busy months celebration wise. The month starts with our anniversary, then it’s valentines and Ché’s birthday. We then get about two weeks breathing space and have to start again with my birthday, followed by my nephews, Mum’s, Dad’s, Mother in laws and Sister in laws. The important occasions take us right through to the beginning of April and =  a very skint me!

I can’t complain though as I love gift shopping and really like an excuse to rummage around local shops to find original gifts that I know the recipient will love. If I’m not gifting makeup I usually hit up independently run boutiques and shops. As I’m off on annual leave this week I have time to spend with my lovely family in Aberystwyth where my parents and brother live. There are loads of lovely little shops there but my faves are Polly’s, Olly’s and Her Dandy Wolf Boutique.

Polly’s is a ladies boutique that is split into four shops, with every shop having a different theme and stock. I love this idea as every shop is packed to the brim with gorgeous clothes, accessories, household and novelty items. You get the general theme in the different shops and needn’t waste your time looking through stuff that isn’t your cup of tea. I however can’t help myself and end up spending ages in every shop!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

My lovely Brother’s #OOTD


Olly’s…the male version of Polly’sImageImageImageImageImage




Another of my fave shops in Aber is Her Dandy Wolf Boutique. Set over two floors they have loads of original bits to suit everyone. I love the calm, chilled out vibe of this shop. It’s a nice place to spend half an hour, especially when you’re stressed and looking for a distraction.


I’m especially loving the Wild & Wolf travel wallet…must remember I’m not shopping for me!ImageImageImageImageImage

As if this shop could get any better…I discover back issues of RWD with some of my fave artists on the cover. Would it be naughty to sit in a corner and flick through them?

This week I’ll be heading back down to Manchester and nipping into the Northern Quarter to check out some of the cool boutiques down there. If you’re ever stuck for ideas for gifts I would always pop into independently owned boutiques, they’re always packed to the brim with loads of lovely finds!

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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