January 2014…a month in review

Hey lovelies, so we’re well into February now…maaaan it’s scary how fast 2014 is going, no? Well anyhow, it seems fitting to round the previous month up with a little review of my January hits and misses. Sooooo let’s have us a little look back shall we?!

Cat that got the cream moment = NAKED Hat Trick 



Oh yeah, I finally did it, I gots me my NAKED trio. That damn NAKED 2 palette that evaded me for so long is finally mine all mine…and I lurve it! As I said in a previous post I’ll be popping a review/comparison of the three palettes on here soon. That way those of you that are debating whether to get any or all of these beaut palettes will have a better idea which one is for you.

Best Bargain Product = NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

023 (2)

Coming in at £5.50 this little palette is an absolute steal. I admit I have been completely addicted to my Vamp HD Brow palette for the last 18 months. Before that it was all about Illamasqua’s Eye Brow Cake and Sealing Gel. Now these are all amazing products but all come in around £20.00(ish).

I have been hearing great things about Benefit’s brow zings for ages. Brow zings is made up of pigmented powder and wax, along with tweezers and brushes to complete a full brow kit. Now a few things have stopped me investing. Firstly it’s £23.50, do I need to spend this if I already have an amazing brow palette, tweezers and brushes? No! Secondly although I love the idea of wax to tame those fly away brow hairs I think the Benefit pigmented brow wax looks a little or a lot heavy and can air on the side of the scouse brow look!

Now when I spied this little NYX palette I immediately thought of brow zings and would consider it a pretty great dupe! NYX products are always super pigmented and have great staying powers and the two brow colours in this palette definitely live up to these standards. I’m loving the powders and find they give me the ability to create a perfect natural looking brow. The clear wax is perfect to pop on those fly away hairs without leaving me looking like Banksy stenciled my eyebrows on for me! Guys if you’re looking for a perfect brow palette at an amazing price you neeeeeed to snap one of these babies up, there are loads of colours to choose from! I’ll be doing a full in-depth review soon so you can judge for yourself.

What did I ever do without these? = NYX Powder Brush & Laguna Bronzer


Holy grail…  I am soooooo loving NARS this year. What in the hell did I ever do without their Orgasm blusher and Laguna bronzer? Hands down the absolute best I have ever tried! Then to top it all off my gorgeous Ché treated me to this amazing powder brush that picks up just the perfect amount of product, ensuring perfect application every time without leaving you looking like Aunt Sally!

Fave New Product = EOS Lip Balm


If you haven’t already tried these amaze little lip balms I advise you to do so. Since an array of celebs such as Kim Kardashian, Nicole Scherzinger, Miley Cyrus and Rachel Wood have been pictured with the funky little dome lip moisturiser the world and it’s wife has been raving about them. Even the boys are getting in on the action too, Ed Westwick and Kellan Lutz have both been seen puckering up and applying their Eos balms. Need anymore convincing? Check out my review here.

Best Brush Finds = Real Techniques/Japonesque

Yolanda Make Up 091 (2)

Now anyone that knows me will know I’m partial to a new brush or two, I have a real problem. I am eternally searching for the perfect collection. Last month my order for the Real Techniques blush, setting and expert face brushes arrived along with my Japonesque 150 degree liner brush. I am happy to report that each one of these brushes lives up to the hype! I’ll be starting my ‘Brush Wars’ series soon so look out for full reviews/comparisons of these and all my other brushes.

Best in Skincare = Magnitone Pulsar and LUSH’s Oatifix

Magnitone Review 008 (2)

Is it just me or is January like the worst ever skin month? I’m not sure if it’s all the crap I eat over the festive period, the bitterly cold weather chapping my skin or a combination of both. Either way my skin is always at it’s most dry and sensitive in the new year. Thank the Lord then for my Magnitone Pulsar and LUSH Oatifix facepack. Click the links for my reviews.

Boyfriend Shopping 135 (2)

Not worth the money = NYX Super Fat eye Marker and Anti-Redness Photo Loving Primer

 Reviews 016 (2)

Well unfortunately with the good must come the bad! Here are a couple of products that in my opinion are really are not worth the money. Unfortunately they are both from one of my favourite companies NYX. First up is their Super Fat eye Marker. Watery, with not much durability this really goes on my list of products I wish I’d never bought, check my review here.

021 (2)

Makeup Collection 007 (2)

Secondly is NYX’s Anti-Redness Photo Loving Primer. So we all know the craic with corrective/neutralising skin camouflage/concealers right? 

  • Green cancels out redness, Use over any blemish, ruddy area or broken blood vessels.
  • Lilac corrects sallowness. Use this on any yellow-y areas that would normally catch the sun, areas such as the nose, chin and cheekbones.
  • Pink will neutralise those pesky under eye bags on those of us with fair skin.
  • Yellow/Apricot will correct under eye bags in people with olive or tanned skin tones. It is also great for adding a beautiful radiancy to darker skin tones.

Now with all that said I was super excited when I heard NYX were doing a line of corrective primers. I immediately snapped up the anti-redness primer. I have to admit that the texture is lovely and gentle and leaves my sensitive skin feeling lovely and soft. However…I do not think that it helps in cancelling out the red undertones of my skin or improves the longevity of my makeup. The best primer I have ever tried so far is  LE BLANC DE CHANEL Sheer Illuminating Base. It may cost £31.00 but boy does it deliver…hello silky soft skin and goodbye ruddy undertones!

Makeovers and Music

January has definitely been a month of makeovers and what getting ready/makeover sesh would be complete without a soundtrack? If you’re anything like me you’ll have your favourite tunes blaaaaaaaring whilst you get ready for any night out. I’m a sucker for a spotify or itunes playlist. Here’s what’s been on mine this last month and a few makeovers for good measure!

064 (2) 001 Yolanda Make Up 078picture2life_29420_original

Ermmm hello thinspiration…

.com and New Logo!

Most excitingly for me Once Upon a Glam… not only became a .com but had a new logo designed by the very talented Stevo Lawlor. Not only did he design an amazing logo for my blog but also adapted it so I can use it when I start building my makeup artist site :O) Huge thanks for all the time and effort he put in :O)

067 (2) 003 (2)

So that’s my roundup of the past month. I hope yours was great too!

As Always…PEACE & LOVE
Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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