Hats, hats and…more hats!

Hey everyone happy Saturday. Sorry for the lack of posts this last week but due to unforseen circumstances I have been unable to blog :O( I am however looking forward to getting back to my daily updates.picture2life_43530_original

Now it has come to my attention that I have developed two new obsessions…as if I need anymore! One is with brogues and the second is with headwear! I’ll be posting soon on my brogue obsession but for this post I thought I would address the hat issue. OK-ies soooo apart from my beanie hats and fur (fake obvs) hats that I don in winter my hat collection is quite miniscule…oh the horror!

I have been looking for some new headwear for a while, but can never seem to find any hats that suit me…well apart from the massive JLo-esque ones that have me channeling my inner Joan Collins. Recently however I have come across loads that have taken my fancy!


My fave place to get nice hats on the high street at the minute is French Connection and The Kooples. Both have really different takes on your standard trilbiy and fedora, two hats I’m particulary loving this winter.


French Connection – Trilby


The Kooples – Fedora

Otherwise I have been checking out little boutiques as they seem to have an array of individual and inexpensive hat options. My fave styles seem to be those aimed at the opposite sex, fancy a little peek at what I found?


As I say most of the styles that took my fancy were trilbies and fedoras but I did spy some lovely felt and panama options too. Every little boutique I have had a nosey in recently has had loads on offer and most were priced between £12.99 – £32.99. My advice is give the high street a miss and go dig through your local independently owned shops, you’re sure to not only find something much more individual but much cheaper, unless you come across these limited addition vintage bowlers and top hats…I wont even tell you the price!

170 169

How about you guys, have you found any gorgeous headwear whilst out and about? Let me know in the comments below. Also please don’t forget to follow me on here, twitter or instagram for regular updates.

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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