Post Night Shift Beauty SOS

Tonight is The Empty Shop wrap party and here I am not so fresh from four night shifts. I am seriously in need of a beauty SOS to make me look semi presentable before I step out in public. Anyone that has or does work nights will know dark circles, dry/brittle nails, dry/sallow skin, chapped lips and lack lustre hair are some of the not so lovely side effects of working nights. So what do I do to remedy these issues, especially if I have somewhere to be the day I finish nights?


Well the first and most important thing is an extra long bubble bath with a face pack, leave in conditioner and extra dose of full body exfoliator, not forgetting my lips which I scrub with my chosen LUSH scrub. After is some head to foot moisturiser and a bit of EOS lip balm.

Plenty of water and my Seven Seas Radiant You vitamins are next on my list to try and get some sparkle back in my skin and hair. A slick of nail polish is also in order to try and disguise my dry and brittle nails, induced by all the handwashing. Another miracle product…here’s hoping…I thought I might try are my Anatomicals puffy the eye bag slayer, best name eveeeer, eye pads. By the end of the day I will know if they live up to that name!



So the last thing for me to do is pop in my sleep in rollers, cuddle up with my little pooch Mr Otis and catch some Zzzzzzzzzzz’s! When I wake up I should have been magically transformed into a beauty’s hoping :O)

Sonya D X

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