Voluntary Styling Assignment: The Empty Shop Manchester

Tomorrow is an important day for me. I’ll be putting my love of all things fashion to good use and styling down at The Empty Shop in Manchester Arndale. Something I truly feel passionate about is that fashion should be accessible to anyone, regardless of your circumstances, it’s not all about wearing the most expensive or desirable labels. Fashion is about putting something on that makes you feel great, confident and happy…not to mention helping you face the elements if you don’t have a home to go too!

The Empty Shop Manchester is striving to help raise awareness of homelessness and raise funds to help towards this ongoing problem. By asking people to donate their unloved clothes, outfits will not only be donated to the homeless of Manchester but also auctioned off to raise funds. If you have anything that is just lying around please donate it to a good cause and help us work towards raising awareness and solving this problem.

Here’s what the charity has to say about the cause:

This winter, Manchester is proud to announce a new and exciting charity

fashion collaboration ‘The Empty Shop’. 

‘Donate. Style-up. Empty’

Coming to the UK for the first time, January 2014 will see an award winning open source project brought to us by Homeless charity Mustard TreeClarke Gough and Manchester Arndale. This innovative fashion and charity project will create a greater awareness of homelessness in the Manchester area.

“The Empty Shop’ will stand proud within Manchester Arndale for a ten day period. With this amazing concept, we will see the general public donate pre-loved clothes to fill up the Empty Shop. Fashion bloggers, Stylists and fashion faces will be transforming the store with show stopping looks made from the donations. Every evening the store is emptied and the clothes go onto help those in need this winter. Then the next day, we start over again!”

The donations will be taken by the homeless charity Mustard Tree. They will not only be distributing the clothes across the city, but selling good quality pieces in their own stores to raise money to help fund programmes that are working directly on the causes of homelessness in Manchester. Adrian Nottingham, CEO of Mustard Tree said, “Mustard Tree is delighted to be participating in this innovative project. We are proud that Manchester is taking a lead in seeking to broker practical solutions and raise awareness of the plight of the increasing number of its residents facing homelessness and marginalization”. An amazing charity!

Throughout the ten days not only will people be able to donate alongside famous fashion faces and fashion brands, but they can also be part of a new chapter, bringing charity and fashion together!

Launching the 23 January 2014 at 2pm with a press, media and celebrity launch, we will see the first donations and pieces being displayed within The Empty Shop. All core partners to the event will be present to show their support including Shop fitters Clarke Gough, Homeless charity Mustard Tree and Manchester Arndale. This project is supported by Manchester City Council.

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If you’re around please come down and support us!


As Always…PEACE & LOVE
Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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