Get a fringe baby…should I do it?

Well the time is upon me that means I need to pick a colour and style for my upcoming haircut. As my hairdresser Jade will tell you I am an absolute nightmare when it comes to my hair. Bored easily I am always wanting a different colour or style. This time last year I had a fringe and it was driving me nuts! I have spent the last year growing it out only to decide…I think I might want it back…there’s no hope for me!

Now then my reasons for wanting a fringe is; my massive fod needs a bit of camouflage, it makes my Mother happy, it frames my face better and I think I am more photogenic flexing the fringed look.


Reasons for not wating it are; having to try and keep it under control at work, being limited to the styles I can recreate, I’m currently loving the Lana del Ray 50’s glamourpuss look and imagine it’ll be harder to achieve with a fringe.


A few styles I’m kinda loving at the minute are Kim Kardashian’s sweeping fringe. PS: Kim you need to go back to being Brunette!


The Beyoncé Irreplaceable look


Millie Mackintosh’s parted fringe


Although 80’s inspired my absolute fave style at the minute is Margot Robbie’s barnett in Wolf of Wall Street.



So what do you reckon guys, do I cut a fringe in or not? Any opinions or suggestions you may have would be much appreciated. I’m still totes unsure about what I should do…whatever I decide I’m sure I’ll change my mind like a million times before my appointment and then there’s the colour to think about…oh crap!

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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