Under the Spotlight – NYX Super FAT eye Marker

OK so any of you that have read my Cult Classics posts will know that my holy grail (hg) eyeliner is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Perversion. Now call me a little spoiled but I am desperate to find a hg liquid eyeliner.

I have tried soooo many…but have never found the perfect formula…or even one I would repurchase. I did like NYX’s ‘The Curve’ eyeliner for a bit but I’ve kinda fallen out with it. I’ll be posting a full review soon to inform you as to why. So when I saw NYX had a Super FAT eye Marker I was desperate to have a play with it.

Reviews 015

Packaged just like a chunky marker in a plain black and white tube you could be forgiven for mistaking this eyeliner for a sharpie.

Reviews 024

Although dubbed a Super FAT marker it actually has a nice precision nib that makes way for easy application. However upon said application the the actual eyeliner looks watery. Another test my eyeliner has to pass is the eyelash curler test. I like to curl my lashes after applying my liner. If my liner rubs off it’s a no go for me. Unfortunately NYX’s Super FAT didn’t pass this test. I found it did rub of after I had curled my lashes. The next time I applied my make up I tried curling then applying my liner, although it didn’t rub off I needed to go over it another couple of times to get any resemblance of a true black cat flick…I mean who in the hell has time for that?

Super FAT eye marker after one coat

Reviews 025

Super FAT eye Marker after 3 coats

eyeliner 005

I’m sorry NYX this is a big FAT fail for me. I’ll forgive you though because it’s the first of your products that have ever let me down. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for my hg liquid liner. In the mean time I’ll be using my Illamasqua eye liner cake and setting gel.

If any of you have any recommendations for hg liners please drop me a line. I’ve tried about a million but the perfect one must be out there patiently waiting for me!

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle


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