Under the Spotlight – Magnitone Pulsar

Ok so a couple of weeks ago I purchased a skin care system in the form of the Magnitone Pulsar. I found it in boots when I was out and about with my Christmas vouchers on Boxing day. It was massively reduced from £130.00 to £65.00 with another 10% off. After all the discount it came in around £58.50(ish)…cha-ching!!

So I have been trialing the system for 2 weeks, to ensure I could offer an informed and honest review. I have been using the system with my Simple face wash as to ensure any changes to my skin were solely down to the Magnitone. Right then lets get to it!

Magnitone Review 008 Magnitone Review 003

Why a skin care system?

For me it’s all about my sensitive skin. I feel that us sensitive skin sufferers miss out on so much from the skin care world. I know my own personal list of skin care products is very limited in comparison to my wish list…which is very expansive.

When it comes to skin problems there is a product for everything. Take enlarged pores for instance, how many hundreds if not thousands of products are out there? So how is it that not one has ever suited my skin? You can understand why I was so excited when I started reading about skin care systems…they seemed like the answer I had been waiting for.

Most skin care systems have the same objective. Designed to help remove the impurities from your skin that are so deeply imbedded they cannot be reached by conventional skin care routines such as cleansing, exfoliating and toning. The idea is that pores are unclogged, wrinkles are less apparent, skin is smoother and any products you use will absorb better.

Now I don’t know about you but if I can get any of these results without using products that generally leave my face feeling burnt, tight…not in a good way, and dry then I want to give it a try.

What does the Magnitone Pulsar claim to do?

Here’s what they say:

Give your skin a youthful boost
With Electromagnetic Technology

Magnitone Pulsar is a daily skin cleansing and toning system for face & body to effectively cleanse, refresh and stimulate your skin, helping to give it a wonderful natural youthful glow. Start seeing the results for yourself in just 7 days

Start seeing 10 amazing benefits in just 7 days

More effective deep cleansing and removal of impurities
Can help increase collagen level in skin
Softer, smoother and clearer looking skin tone
Firmer, tighter feeling skin texture
Can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Noticeable increase in blood circulation to the skin
Helps reduce appearance of visible pores
Gentle exfoliation of dry skin for silkier arms and legs
Helps reduce razor rash and irritation after hair removal
Enhanced moisture and nutrient absorption of your regular skin products (SPF, self-tan, moisturisers)

Magnitone Review 017

How does it work

OK you really need to charge the brush before you use it. It has a lovely little cradle it sits in that you just plug the charger into. I charged mine two weeks ago and it’s still going strong.

With regard to your products you need not change anything. The Magnitone is designed to be used in the bath or shower, be careful not to over saturate it in water though!. All you need to do is use the magnitone to rub in your usual cleanser instead of your hands. The magnitone has over 15,000 Rotation – Oscillation p/min so it’s going to do a much better job than your hands.

You simply run the brush head under warm water, apply your usual cleanser, run under the water again, splash water on your face, choose one of the four settings, deep cleanse, exfoliate, pulse lift massage or sensitive and get going.

Magnitone Review 012

Magnitone advise you to use the sensitive setting for your first few uses so your skin can adapt. They also advise to use the brush for one minute twice a day. 20 seconds on the forehead, 10 seconds per cheek, 10 seconds on the nose and finally 10 seconds on the chin. There is no need to press hard or scrub because the brush will do it all for you! Magnitone also advise that at any point during your routine you can switch to the Pulse Lift setting. They claim that this setting is designed to pay extra attention to those areas that need extra blood flow helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Does it work?

Ok as I have already said I have been trialing this for two weeks. I haven’t really changed any of my products or make up. I have been using the standard brush on a sensitive setting. It is worth noting that Magnitone offer a pack of two Sensitive heads for £15.99.

Now then when I initially used this I was terrified my skin would be falling off my face as usually happens when I try anything new. I was so shocked then to see that my skin was not irritated at all…oh the joy…finally something I can use!

After the first few uses I could see spots trying to appear, worry not this is something you are warned will happen. After the first week it soon settled down. On a couple of occasions I washed my face before using the Magnitone…I wanted to see how dirty the brush would be if I had pre-washed my face. The results were pretty grim…my brush was still full of make up…ewww!

So by the end of the two weeks do I think this is a worthwhile purchase? HELL YEAH!! My skin is noticeably different. Now my pores are still visible but massively reduced and my skin feels tighter…in a good way. As for the appearance I still have redness but I think this is more to do with the cosmetic products I refuse to stop using. I have noticed however that when applied my make up looks fresher and more vibrant than it did…bonuuuuus!

The best bit however is how soft my skin is. When I was a teenager up to my early 20’s people would always remark on how soft my skin was. I always had sensitivity issues with my skin but as I have gotten older they have worsened. As a result this has caused my skin to become dry and chapped. I always…always have at least one dry patch on my face…bleurgh! Since using the Magnitone however this is a lot less of a problem. I still have dryness issues but as soon as I slap my moisturiser on it seems to penetrate my skin so much better and I have the beautifully soft skin that I once did.

In all honesty I would recommend this system to anyone that asked me about it. The changes I have noticed in my skin are remarkable and all without using chemical products! I am now eager to get the sensitive brush heads so I can trial the different settings and see what other magical tricks this amazing little machine has up it’s sleeves!

Further more there is a body brush head included in the pack that I am going to be trialling on my outer wrists for two weeks. This is an area where I have terrible dry skin due to the amount of hand washing I have to do at work.

Magnitone Review 022

So that’s it for now. I’ll let you know how I get on with the body brush and the different settings once I get my mitts on some of the sensitive heads. If any of you guys have tried the Magnitone or anything similar I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As always…PEACE & LOVE
Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

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