A bit of Diptyque…Don’t Mind If I do!


Diptyque is turning out to be a bit…ok a lot of an obsession in my house. Not only are the products beautifully packaged but their scents are just phenomenal! In all honestly I have never smelt such beautiful fragrances. Each one is individual and captivating…a little too often I find myself standing in their concession trying to place each one.

Diptyque products don’t come cheap so are they worth the price tag? In short…yes! Their products are so beautiful and classic, not to mention versatile. I mean if you pay £40 for a candle you want more than a lovely scent, do you not? The people over at Diptyque have delivered us a multi functional product in their candles, not only are the scents beautiful, strong and amazing but the beautiful glass jars can be put to many uses once the candle is finished.

Now then not only do Diptyque make the best candles ever but they also have some pretty incredible perfumes too! My absolute fave is Do Son. I find it hard to describe this gorgeous scent…that’s the thing about Diptyque there’s nothing else quite like them. Here’s what thet say:

Relief from the sweltering climate, a pagoda on the shores of Ha Long Bay, where trade winds tenderly caress the flowers. A name that sings, undulating like waves upon a beach. Do Son is an eau de toilette rich with contrast, exuding the fresh, intoxicating sensuality of tuberose.

Really you need to smell it to understand how stunning this scent is. Now I was lucky enough to grab a 100ml bottle in the Space.NK sale with some of my Christmas cash. I got 50% off…oh yeah baby!! Instead of £64.00 for 100ml it was £34.00. It’s worth noting that Diptyque have changed their square bottles to an oval shape, hence the huge discount…me thinks?!

I was a little worried because it was an Eaux de Toilette. I normally always go for Eau de Parfums due to their stronger scents and staying power. Upon wearing my Do Son for the first time I sprayed it onto my skin got dressed and went to work. I have to get changed into my uniform at work so never spray perfume on it as to not overpower people. Surprisingly however I could smell the understated Do Son scent throughout my 12 hour shift. When I opened my locker at the end of the shift the Do Son scent came wafting out. The staying power of this product is incredible…mind you the people at Diptyque have been doing this since 1968 so I don’t why I’m surprised! If the Eaux de Toilette is this good I don’t know what the Eau de Parfum will be like? Creed has always been my most lusted after scent but Diptyque are seriously giving them a run for their money!

Space.NK have a fair few of the Diptyque perfumes in their sale so I need to avoid like the plague, or I’ll be starving and homeless all in the name of smelling amazing!

How about you guys have you tried any of the Diptyque products? If so which are your faves? Do tell…

Sonya D x

Twitter: @onceuponaglam
Instagram: sonya_danielle

3 thoughts on “A bit of Diptyque…Don’t Mind If I do!

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