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I’m sure anyone that works in the health care profession or any profession that involves washing your hands a million times a day can sympathise with me. Throughout the year dry, painful, cracked hands are a constant battle due to the amount of hand washing I have to do as a nurse. Throw sensitive skin and winter into the mix and I have a mess on my hands…literally!

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So to avoid the pain and the hundreds of plasters I must go through, I have developed my own little routine to try and minimise the harsh effects of repeated washing.

Our best friend in the fight against dry skin is obviously moisturiser. I try and apply it all the time to avoid my skin getting in a mess. Most of the time it works but in the winter the fate of my hands is usually sealed and they are destined to be dy and cracked at some point . There are about a million hand creams on sale so which one works? This really is an individual choice. Personally I hate Neutrogena and find it just makes my hands greasy and gives me no relief. Some people absolutely swear by it though…each to their own and all that!

Here are a few I have tried, lets take a run through them:

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NIVEA Q10 plus – claims to be age defying and anti-wrinkle. I am in love with this moisturiser, it has an absolute perfect consistency that sinks in beautifully and better yet it doesn’t sting…it is rare that a moisturiser doesn’t sting my hands. After one application Q10 leaves my hands so soft and makes all the redness and crinkled skin disapear. It’s usually around £4.00 for 100ml but you can often spot it for 1/2 price or even better £1 in the pound shops.

YVES ROCHER Collection Cocoa & Pistachio – A nice hand cream that smells beautiful and sinks in lovely, better yet it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. The only draw back is it isn’t heavy duty enough for when your hands are dry or cracked. Also I avoid any perfumed products when my hands are in a mess.

AVEENO Hand Cream – This cream is probably the holy grail of hand creams for me. It takes all the pain out of cracked skin, rehydrates in a matter of hours and leaves my hands as good as new in no time. I try and apply this as much as possible to avoid getting in a mess in the first place. Like I said above it doesn’t always work but since I started using this cream I have a lot less problems with my skin. If you have super sensitive skin this could be your salvation…it’s definitely mine!

BETTY HULA Natural Anti-Bacterial Champagne & Spice Moisturiser – This is quite possibly the nicest smelling hand cream I have ever used. People have even mistaken it for my perfume before now. It too goes on lovely and is non greasy, buuuut it isn’t the best for when your hands are super dry or cracked. This is best used when you have healthy skin and are going out for the day or the evening!

NEUTROGENA – As I said before this is too greasy for me and I get no relief from it what so ever.

EUCERIN Soothing Skin Balm – I am usually quite a fan of EUCERIN products. Before I discovered AVEENO they were my go to creams for intensive moisturising. The EUCERIN intensive hand cream is fantastic but be warned it does sting when you apply it. This skin balm however I’m not a fan of. It reminds me a little…or a lot of NEUTROGENA, it sits on the skin like I’ve smeared lard all over me. Sorry not a fan at all!

CRABTREE & EVELYN Hand Therapy Collection – My Mum gifted me this lovely duo. In the pack you get hand therapy cream and hand recovery exfoliator. OK so again this is not something I use when my hands are a mess, the moisturiser is better suited to supple skin to keep it that way. The exfoliator however is amazing, I use it once I have gotten my skin back in condition to get rid of  all the dry, dead skin.

Another company I tried through Glossy Box is Yes…Nurse! This company was co founded by a nurse who was having major problems with the skin on her hands…who better then to develop a cream for tired hands? This cream is really nice and does work brilliantly. A little of this cream goes a long way and is very nourishing so it’s well worth the £5.49, even better if you subscribe to their monthly plan you get one delivered to your door every month for £4.99.


So that’s my round up of moisturisers and the only hand exfoliator I trust. My absolute fave moisturisers hands down…pun intended ;O) are Aveeno, Q10 and Yes…Nurse! The only other tip I have is moisturising gloves and cuticle cream/conditioner. After moisturising I put both of these on at night. I must say that it makes a huge difference to my skin and cuticles (which also get horribly cracked) by the morning…give it a try if you haven’t already, you wont be sorry.


Body Shop Thirsty Hands Moisture Gloves £7.00

As always please get in touch, let me know the best and worst of what you’ve tried. I love to hear your thoughts. Also don’t forget to follow me on here, twitter and bloglovin for regular updates.

Sonya x


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